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Martial-Art Schools

Calligraphy work themed with WushuChinese martial art is comprised of many different exercising schools and forms. According an authoritative book named China History of Martial Art, the boxing of martial art is composed of at least 75 schools and the weaponry is consisted of at least 27 kinds, excluding the missed in the history.

In fact, the martial-art schools generally mentioned in public are Shaolin School (which is fully famous for its intrepidity and masculinity, and the qualified representative of Shaolin Martial Arts currently in the international community maybe is Jet Li, whose Chinese name is Li Lianjie), Wudang School(which is quite famous for its self-cultivation via Martial arts in pursuit of Taoist Immortality, the famous one is its Taiji and the Taiji Master is Zhang Sanfeng, who was said to be the founder of Wudang School. However, Zhang Sanfeng used to be an unknown monk of Shaolin Temple), Emei School (which mainly famous for its female martial arts and the whole feature is graceful and agile. This school is specialized in sword show) and Southern Boxing School (which is quite popular in Southern China, especially in Canton Province, the famous representatives are Cailifo Boxing and Yongchun Boxing, which Bruce Li was quite specialized in). Besides, in these schools, more branches are also available. Apart from this four schools, there are also many other small-sized or medium-sized schools scattered all over China.

Shaolin Kungfu among these schools is the outstanding representative. As the perfect way for bodybuilding, self-defense and competition, it is very famous in folk community. Shaolin Kungfu is a comprehensive system of martial arts based on Zen, or Chan, one of the important theories in Chinese Buddhism. The basic definition of Zen is un-considering outside and non-fluctuating inside. In other words it means self-meditation in harmony to get rid of evilness. Hence Shaolin Kungfu is absolutely different from other schools. It emphasizes the integration of Zen and Martial Arts.

Kongfu or Martial Art Show Schools are apt to socialization but boxing and Kungfu tricks are apt to techniques. Giving boxing as an example, it has numerous branches or schools.

Boxing School or branch named after the masters of Buddhism and Taoism or names of immortalities and ghosts such as Menghequan, Erlangquan, Dashengquan, BaXianquan, Tianluoquan, Dishaquan, Liuxingquan, Nazhaquan, Jingangquan, Guanyinquan, Fohanquan, Luohanquan and Weituoquan and so on.

Boxing named after Men (门, means gate or branch) such as Yumenquan, Yinmenquan, Famenquan, Kongmenquan, Hongmenquan, Yumenquan, Kongmenquan, Fengmenquan, Shuimenquan, Huomenquan, Niaomenquan, Fomenquan, Zimenquan, Sunmenquan, Yanmenquan and Luohanmenquan and so on.

Boxing named after family name such as Liujiaquan, Caijiaquan, Lijiaquan, Mojiaquan, Wujiaquan, Xuejiaquan, Yuejiaquan, Dujiaquan, Zhoujiaquan, Sunjiaquan, Zhongjiaquan, Zhujiaquan,m Hongfoquan, Qijiaquan, Gaojiaquan and Zoujiaquan and so on.

Boxing named after person’s full name such as Yanqingquan, Taizuquan, Sunbinquan, Wuzuquan, Baimeiquan, Songjiangquan, Damoquan, Chunyangquan, Wuhouquan, Wulangquan, Wenshengquan, Nanzhiquan, Yongchunquan, Xuannvquan and Wuzimenquan and so on.

Boxing named after place-name such as Shaolinquan or Shaolin Boxing, Wudangquan or Wudang Boxing, Emeiquan or Emei Boxing, Kongtongquan or Kongtong Boxing, Meishanquan or Meishan Boxing, Lingshanquan or Lingshan Boxing, Kunlunquan or Kunlun Boxing, Guandongquan or East-Pass Boxing, Dengzhouquan or Dengzhou Boxing, Guanxiquan or West-Pass Boxing, Longmenquan or Longmen Boxing, Xiliangquan or Xiliang Boxing and Shitouquan or Shitou Boxing and so on. wushu or Martial Art of China

Boxing named after animal such as Dragon Boxing, Snake Boxing, Tiger Boxing, Leopard Boxing, Crane Boxing, Lion Boxing, Elephant Boxing, Monkey Boxing, Horse Boxing, Fly-Dragon Boxing, Blue Dragon Boxing, Mantis Boxing, Eagle-Claw Boxing, Swallow-Shape Boxing, Wild-Goose Boxing, Mandarin-Duck Boxing, White-Crane Boxing, Eight-Tiger Boxing, Gold-Lion Boxing, Tiger-Lion Boxing, Eight-Step Mantis Boxing, Seven-Star Mantis Boxing, Butterfly Boxing, Ape-Like Boxing, Chicken Boxing, Duck Boxing, Fire-Dragon Boxing, Hungry-Crane Boxing, Crab Boxing and Black-Tiger Boxing and so on.

Boxing named after the commodities such as Handkerchief Boxing, Paper Fan Boxing, Umbrella Boxing, Flower Boxing, Boat Boxing, Bell Boxing, Plum Boxing, Lotus Boxing, Sweeper Boxing and Pot Boxing and so on.

Boxing named after hand skills such as Inserting Boxing, Hang Boxing, Ripping Boxing, Crossing Boxing, Heshou Boxing, Five-Hand Boxing, Nieshou Boxing, Yingshou Boxing and Fengshou Boxing and so on.

Boxing named after leg and step skills such as Four-Step Boxing, Six-Step Boxing, Eight-Step Boxing, Lianbu Boxing, Chuanbu Boxing and Shizitui Boxing and so on.

Drunk Boxing such as Eight-Immortal Boxing, Water-Swimming Boxing, Drunk Arhat Boxing, Shaolin Drunk Boxing, Li Po Drunk Boxing, Wusongzuidie Boxing, Xingshibaxian Boxing and Shixiu Drunk Boxing and so on.

Additionally, there are also many other famous boxings such as Liuhe Boxing, Baguan Boxing, Taixu Boxing, Liancheng Boxing, Liangyi Boxing, Dubi Boxing Mizong Quan and Xiyang Boxing and so on.

In China, anciently there used to be an intangible society; people called it Jianghu or Wulin which was the world of martial arts exercisers. They made friends with each other via person’s morality and skills of Kungfu, and they made the social equality with their kungfu. They helped the poor and cracked down the evil. Martial art is an important part of Chinese traditional culture and largely enriches oriental life. Besides, most of people’s life is under the influence of martial arts.



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