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Famous Chinese Acrobatics & Circus Shows in Shanghai


Among the garden of Chinese arts, Shanghai Acrobatic, Magic and Circus, like one splendid flower which forms her unique style through many years' development, gains more and more high reputation in China. In order to meet the vast requirements of audiences from home and overseas, many famous Chinese acrobatics and circus shows are performed in many theaters of Shanghai.The following are si popular shows:


Famous Chinese Acrobatics & Circus Shows in Shanghai

Acrobatics and  Magic in Shanghai  Style 

This show includes five people’s Jujitsu, Propping jars on the head, Lions Dancing, Juggling persons, Skating, Spinning plates, Springboard, and Magic and so on.
The performers come from Shanghai Magic Group and Shanghai New Circus Troupe. They have made Chinese Acrobatics entering into Broadway and have gained their high reputation in America, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Korea, France, Belgium, Sri Lanka, The United Arab Emirates, and Indonesia.
♦Time: 07:30pm—09:00pm 
♦Performed by: Shanghai Magic Group & Shanghai New Circus Troupe 
♦Theater: Shanghai White Magnolia Theater 
♦Address: No. 308 Chongqing Road (S),Luwan District, Shanghai, China 
♦Ticket Price (RMB): 280,200,150 
♦Booking Hotlines: 86-021-62172426 86-021-62173055 
Famous Chinese Acrobatics & Circus Shows in Shanghai

Charming Shanghai

This show includes performances such as Pole-Climbing,Jujitsu,Plunging through groumd hoops,Forchead- Balancing,Stacked chairs, Balancing on the chair, Silk skills, Jugging with the feet, Balancing with one hand, Trick-cycling by girls,  Kicking bowls on a high bike,Jumping on fishing net,Playing diabolo,Pagoda of benches, etc.
♦Time: 07:30pm—09:00pm 
♦Performed by: Shanghai Magic Group 
♦Place: Shanghai Yun Feng Theater 
♦Address: No. 1700 Beijing Road (W), Jing’an District , Shanghai China 
♦Ticket Price (RMB): 280,200,150 
Booking Hotlines: 86-021-62172426       86-021-62173055
Famous Chinese Acrobatics & Circus Shows in Shanghai

Pujiang(Huangpu River)Sensation

This is an acrobatics show with strong Shanghai feelings. The changes of Huangpu River are demonstrated vividly through the sun in autumn, the shadow of the moon, and rosy clouds these three parts.The acts in this show are exquisite and graceful with outstanding acrobatic skills. Dou Jiaozi and Springboard have gained gold awards in the national competition.
♦Time: 07:30pm—09:00pm 
Performed by: Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe 
♦Place: Shanghai Centre Theatre 
Address: No. 1376 Nanjing Road (W), Jing’an District, Shanghai China 
Ticket Price (RMB): 280,200,150
♦Booking Hotlines: 86-021-62172426       86-021-62173055
Famous Chinese Acrobatics & Circus Shows in Shanghai

Era-Intersection of Time (The Multimedia Theatrical Spectacular)

Era-Intersection of Time should deserve the title of “the first show of Chinese entertainments”. It combines acrobatics, dance, drama, music and first-rate multimedia skills together, which make audiences attentive and suspensive. ♦Time: 07:30pm—09:00pm 
Performed by: Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe 
Place:Shanghai Circus World 
Address: No. 2266 Gonghexin Road, Shanghai China
Ticket Price (RMB): 580,380, 280, 180, 80 
Booking Hotlines: 86-021-62172426          86-021-62173055
Famous Chinese Acrobatics & Circus Shows in Shanghai


Kaleido is a show focusing on indicating the spirit of the time which is young, joyful and strenuous. Although it is also named Era-Intersection of Time II, still is very different form the former one in the acts, stage style, and interaction with audiences and other aspects.
♦Time: 07:30pm—09:00pm 
♦Performed by: Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe 
Place: Shanghai Gong Stage 
♦Address: No. 433 Yan'an Road (E), Huangpu District, Shanghai China 
♦Ticket Price (RMB): 580,380, 280, 180,80 
♦Booking Hotlines: 86-021-62172426         86-021-62173055
Famous Chinese Acrobatics & Circus Shows in Shanghai
Happy Circus
The Happy Circus in 2011 is an incredible performance which not only just pursues outstanding skills of beast training but also combines circus and Chinese acrobatic together. The whole show conveys human’s respect to the animals and the nature through 31 programs in four parts which are ocean paradise, interesting things in the forest, grasslands heroic bearing and city home. Besides circus and acrobatic, the music of this show is also worth enjoying. The famous Russian composer Victor creates the new music based on his understanding of Chinese circus. 
Time: 02:00pm—03:30pm 
Performed by: Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe 
Animals: sea lions, lions, tigers, monkeys, parrots, peacocks, horses, bears, dogs etc. 
♦Place: Shanghai Circus World-Middle Theatre 
♦Address:No. 2266 Gonghexin Road, Shanghai China
Ticket Price (RMB): 150,120, 80 
Booking Hotlines:
86-021-62172426           86-021-62173055

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