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Indian Restaurant---Indian Kitchen (Xuhui Branch)


You may have the first impression of the Indian restaurant that it is very authentic Indian ! The Indian tune is the romantic background music. The atmosphere here is also full of aromatic Indian fragrance. Again, the master chefs are Indians. Indian people who are living in Shanghai love this Indian Kitchen so much, they take up about eighty per cent of its customers. The dishes are very gorgeous. They are mainly red and yellow, because Indian curry is the essential ingredient for most of all recipes, which have quite strong and teasingly delicious taste. 

Acid fresh lime juice and sweet yoghurt are good choices for appetizers. There are seven tastes of yoghurts in Indian Kitchen, apart from the normal salty and sweet ones, there are also mango, apple, strawberry, pineapple, and banana tastes.


The recommended dish “Grilled Spring Chicken”(烧春鸡) is cooked in an Indian imported tandoor oven. The inner temperature should reach 900 degree centigrade.  And how well the chicken tastes depends on the temperature the oven burns. The higher, the better. This course is special for its red luster and strong scent, not seared but tasty.

Another recommendation is the curried tofu with vegetable juice(菜酱咖喱豆腐). It's not a dish made by tofu, the real ingredient is milk. Vegetable juice is the mixture of spinach juice and green curry. Girls must like it as it is refreshing and not spicy.

Other courses deserve recommendation are curry mutton with coconut sauce(椰汁咖喱羊肉), curry flank beef with coconut sauce(椰汁咖喱牛腩), Indian pancake(印度飞饼), masala mutton(玛沙拉羊肉) and so on.



Service hours : 11.00am – 11.00pm
Address : 572 Yongjia Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai.
Average price : 98 RMB
Tel. : 86-021-64731517
Email :
Website :




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