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My Shanghai Vacations: Encounter the World Cup at Expo spots

This summer, you can meet old and young people in high spirits everywhere in Shanghai with full of festive expression on their face. "During the day time, I travel inside and outside the Expo spots, capture aspects of the Expo. And then I go back to my room, stay in front of TV and enjoy the World Cup soccer games at night. The summer leads my happy life." World Cup Games encounter the 2010 Shanghai Expo here and brings passion to the international city during our Shanghai vacations.

Various football elements come throughout the Expo spots. In the pavilion of South Africa, ost of World Cup 2010, the mascot of World cup, Zakumi stretchs its arms and welcomes the visitors in the exhibition hall. And you must notice that hundreds of footballs are hung on the ceiling when you enter one of the exhibition hall of the football kingdom, Brazil. A large screen is playing the fragments of classical and wonderful performances of Argentine team on the World Cup Games at the entrance of Argentine pavilion. Further more, an cabinet displayed in Madrid exhibition hall stores the suits signed by all the players of Real Madrid. You also can buy all kinds of souvenirs from Real Madrid Club.

For all footable fans, the World Cup is a four years feast. This time, we feel much closer to the World Cup in Shanghai. The Expo sites compose a real "global village". I talk about football with travellers from countries in bars and the hotel, like enjoying chating with neighbors. Maybe the only difficuly in dialogues is the language. And no doubt, football is a global tongue which promotes communications among the Shanghai Expo tourists. All the pavilions of World Cup's 32 participants had received the inviting from South Africa Pavilion, and enjoyed the opening ceremoney together while Staffs of Brazil and Argentine pavilions kicked off a friendly match. If you happned to be at German pavilion at the opening day of World Cup, you could enjoy the free bear offered by the pavilion...

Here in Shanghai, there are many common places between Expo 2010 and World Cup 2010. Both attract focus of the world . Countries compare and show their own styles and features while share the friendship together... Actually, they are powerful stages on which people from the world share and communicate with each other.

The equality, the participation, the exchange, do not have the reason not to cry out for the World Cup, also does not have the reason not to leave the world recent place - - world abundant garden, the feeling world common palpitation.

Equality, Participation and Communication, We are cheering for the World Cup while touching and feeling the pulsion of the world here in the nearby Expo spots, in Shanghai.

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