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There are more than 1,100 bus lines densely crossed in Shanghai, and every year 50 new lines are added, and part of the existing lines are extended or adjusted. Divided by hours of operation, there are daytime buses, morning and evening peak hour buses that start with “2” and evening buses that start with “3”; divided according to geographical area, there are Puxi buses, Pudong buses, buses that cross the river including tunnel and bridge lines, and suburban area buses; according to the way of paying the ticket, there are RMB 1 (below 13 km) and RMB 2 ticket-sellerless buses (city buses with two numbers, and three numbers that start with “1”, “2”,”7” are mostly ticket-sellerless buses), RMB 2 air-conditioned buses and special-lined buses ( specialty coach lines starting with “5”, Pudong specialized buses starting with “6”, middle-size buses starting with “8”, double –decker buses starting with “9, air-conditioned coach lines and ten air-conditioned tourists lines and tour bus). Shanghai Railway Station, People’s Square, Xujiahui, Zhongshan Park and Wujiaochang are the city’s main public transportation hubs.

Tips for taking buses:
1. Bus stops in Shanghai are always named by the road, and several stops with the same name are often very far away, or stops with different names actually are the same stop, so you can not fully trust the bus line table. Before setting off you’d better ask someone who is familiar with the bus lines.
2. Because of a large number of one-way streets existing in Shanghai, the up and down routes of the same line are often stop at different stops. If you want to take the same bus back, you should know whether the returning bus passing the same stop.
3. You can spent 5 yuan to buy the newest Shanghai public transportation map which marks all the bus lines and site name.

Tour Bus
Puxing Tourist Line: this line crosses Xuhui commercial circles, Huaihai Road in Luwan District, Huangpu Old City, Yuyuan Garden and South Bund Area. The total line is 10.85 km. the first bus starts at 7:00 from Shanghai Gymnasium, 8:00 from Longmeng Road, and the last bus starts at 30:00 from Shanghai Gymnasium and 21:00 from Longmen Road. The bus departs at every 15 minutes and the ticket price is RMB 3.
Lujiazui Travel Line: this line runs along Lujiazui Round Line in an anticlockwise direction. The total line is 3 km and the ticket price is RMB 2. It sets up 9 stops which connect Oriental Pearl Tower, Jinmao Tower, Marine Aquarium, Super Brand Mall and other famous scenic spots as well as ferry station in Dongchang Road.





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