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Food---Wine-rice Cake

Wine-rice CakeWine-rice Cake is a popular snack in Suzhou eaten during springtime. It is made from local winter wheat and a delicacy called Glutinous Rice with Sweet Rice Wine, which the latter is often regarded as a kind of Chinese medicine that benefits for blood circulation and de-tumescence of human skin. A famous old store of Suzhou, Tong Wan Xing (同万兴), to which the Wine-rice Cakes are the best in town.

This snack has two sorts, i.e. regular and vegetarian. But it has mostly "rose", "red bean paste" and "mint" tastes. Wine-rice Cake is best served hot. Its characteristics are quite sweet, a little bit fatty and soft but glutinous with crystal-like looking.

Method for Making Red Bean Paste Wine-rice Cake :

Ingredients : two cups of medium strong wheat flour, three tablespoons of "Glutinous Rice with Sweet Rice Wine", two tablespoons of white sugar, three-fourth cup of warm drinking water and red bean paste 225g.

Preparation : firstly mix Glutinous Rice with Sweet Rice Wine with white sugar and warm water, add yeasted wheat flour and stir them altogether. Add more water slowly while stirring. Secondly knead the dough to become a round one, and then cover a damp cloth on it and put it in a warm place for about four hours and wait it rises. If you see the dough is doubled its size of four hours ago, you may knead it into a long strip and cut it into ten pieces. Thirdly add a certain amount of red bean paste into each piece, knead it and use force to push it to flat, thus it became a cake. Finally, the heated flat pan added a little amount of cooking oil, put the cakes and fry for about fifteen minutes, they will be in golden-yellowish color. And the Wine-rice Cakes are ready to serve.

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