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Taiwan Food



Taiwan FoodTaiwanese food, on the one hand is very Chinese in the mainstream, on the other hand it reflects the culture of a Pacific island incorporating plenty of seafood and other local ingredients. Chinese cuisine here is commonly regarded as authentic and tasty than in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore

Hakka Cuisine is mainly served in Hsinchu County. Famous Hakka dishes include fried pork sausages with ginger, stir-fried dishes and sticky rice dumplings with ginger and dried radish peels.

Aboriginal Food boasts a unique, rustic flavor and freshness with famous recipes like roasted boar meat, bamboo partridge, fried wild herbs and vegetables, as well as fine homebrewed millet liquor. Taiwanese aboriginal cuisine represents the culture of its people.

Beef Noodles are one of the most attractive dishes at home and abroad, which come in a variety of flavors depending on regions. Beef noodle varieties are plentiful and available all over Taiwan. Some of the famous areas that sell beef noodles include Taoyuan Street in Taipei, which is also known as “Beef Noodles Street” and the Four Sisters’ Beef Noodles at Chaozhou in Pingtung County. There are some excellent shops that serve beef noodles in Tainan as well. Quality noodles are stewed for a long time in order to let the soup soaks the beef and noodles thoroughly.

Spicy Hot Pot restaurants are all over Taiwan offer first-rate and delicious recipes. Restaurants simmer their hot pot soups with various kinds of tasty herbs, whetting consumers’ appetites with zesty aroma. People can then pick and choose ingredients to boil in the tasty broth. There are different kinds of soups and ingredients to sample in each restaurant. Just try and throw in whatever looks good, and enjoy!

Puli Plum Cuisines are popular in winter since that is when plum trees bear fruits. The fruits can be used to make preserved food as well as regular dishes. The sweet and sour taste of plum enhances the taste in any food.

Pinglin Tea Banquet is made of Pinglin tea, which is called as Bochon Tea in Pinglin and it isn’t only for drinking, it’s a vital ingredient in local cuisine also. Since tea helps to eliminate fat and oil, so it is used to make dishes less oily. The tea banquets are popular here because people become aware about healthy diet.
Taiwan food
Changhua Fried Meat Dumplings are stuffed with pork, bamboo shoots and mushrooms, then battered and fried to perfection. The dumplings’ skin is crisp and slightly translucent, while inside is soft and scrumptious. Every dumpling eatery provides its own sweet and spicy sauces for dipping dumplings in. 

Chiayi Turkey Strips are hand-cut strips of turkey breast on rice, topped with sauces. It’s very famous that even 7-Elevens across the county sell the dish in their ready-made food sections.

Baihe is called as “lotus country” because its vast lotus field and the flowers blossom most beautifully summer. According to theory of traditional Chinese medicine that eating baihe lotus can prevent sunstrokes.

Donggang Black Tuna is the favorite fish for local seafood lovers. Every May, competitive auctions are held in Donggang for black tunas. Fat tunas fetching up to NT$ 1 million each are common, that’s why the fish is dubbed “black gold”.

Tainan Fried Eel Noodles are made choicest eels that are fried and served with noodles, and with soups, sauces and a touch of thickener added. The seafood dish is even praised by the world-renowned pianist Yundi Li and is known to make people physically stronger.

Ilan Duck Jerky is made of tender and tasty meat of duck in Ilan County, where plenty of ponds and creeks. In the past, Ilan farmers pickled and smoked their ducks to preserve their freshness; their methods of preservation gave rise to “duck jerky”.

Pearl Milk Tea, which came from the Spring Water Teahouse in Taichung, is a popular and characteristic beverage in Taiwan. The tea drink is made from little tapioca balls that are boiled in black sugar and dropped in the milk tea, which tastes great either served hot or cold.

taiwan foodStinky Tofu (bean curd) is described as “the more stinky the bean curd is, the more delicious it is” by locals. Once stinky bean curd ferments, it gives off an unforgettable aroma. The snack is prepared by methods like fried, steamed, simmered in sugary soy sauces or cooked in spicy sauces etc. and mainly served in small stalls or night markets. 

Oyster Noodles are the mainstay among food stalls in Taiwanese night markets. The dish consists of thin rice vermicelli topped with oyster, fish sauce and other delicious ingredients, as well as soy and hot sauces are usually added. The noodle dishes are served in Taipei night markets.

Cuttlefish Thick Soup is a popular delicacy in Taiwan and served well with noodles or rice.

Vegetarian Cuisine is quite popular in Taiwan that because there are more and more people aware of their own health, while Western foods are common on the island. The Noble Family Group of Companies is a restaurant chain that serves Western, Japanese and various kinds of exotic food very well across the province and Mainland China.




taiwan food


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