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Taiwan Travel tips


Travel Tips of Taiwan 

Currency: the New Taiwan Dollar (NT$) is used in Taiwan, China, about US$ 1 = NT$ 34 currently (August 2007). There are exchanges in hotels and guesthouses,

Taxis are with meters in most large cities in Taiwan, the first 1.5 km charge is NT$ 70, and NT$ 5 per 300 m afterwards. 20% surcharge should be paid from 11 pm to 6 am, and NT$ 10 plus for phone order and luggage. Taxi fare from CKS Airport to downtown Taipei is about NT$ 1200.

Electricity: like Japan, alternating current is used on the island, 110 Volts and 60 Hz.

Emergency calls (free): fire and ambulance 119, police 110.

Taxes and tips: taxes are included in prices of merchandises and invoices will be warranted after you bought them. Unlike Hong Kong, paying tips are not common in Taiwan, but in some hotels and restaurants a 10% plus will be charged.


Map of Taiwan

Foods sold in stalls by hawkers are considered save throughout Taiwan, but you should pay attention to the hygiene condition of them and their surroundings by your own discretion. Do not eat seafood that is not thoroughly cooked.

If you like Taiwan's summer sunshine, your tour is during the typhoon season. Before you go and during your trip, check the weather on the island and its adjacent regions and waters.


Ali Mountain

Earthquakes are quite common. If earthquake occurs, please take the following measures: When you staying indoor, first of all is to find soft material like cushion etc. to protect your head; call for stop smoking and cooking; do not go outdoor in panic; do not walk on ground with bare feet to avoid injury by broken glass; tune in to TV and radio broadcasts about new situation; and taking refuge by foot and do not to go by lift or escalader.

When you are on trip outside, you should notice and avoid falling advertisement signs and broken glass, and do not close to dangerous buildings and walls etc.; power cut is common during disaster, so do not be panic when you staying underground, and you should move leaning against the wall; in shopping malls or cinemas, you must follow the instruction of staffs and not to find exits hurriedly; if you are driving, you should pay keen attention to other vehicles' direction and stop, switch off your car engine and do not lock your doors; inside bus or train, you must follow the instruction of the driver or personnel and do not alight in panic; and helping those who are physically handicapped to escape safely.

Umbrella or raincoat is a must for your Taiwan itinerary due to rains are frequent across the island.

Bring adequate clothes when you want traveling to high mountains especially in winter, where temperature drops to well below 0 degree Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit).



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