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The Absolute Taboo in Tibet Area

1. Do not eat donkey meat, horse meat and dog meat there, and in some places fish is also forbidden. 

2. During the toast on the dinner, the guests must firstly touch some wine with the ring finger and then sprinkle it into the air for three times in succession to show the respect to heaven, earth and ancestry, next lightly sip the wine, and then the host add it fully in time, and do it for three times successively until the fourth time. The fourth time you must drink to the bottom after it is filled by the host. 

3. Don’t eat in full mouth, and eating and drinking should be in silence. 

4. Drinking ghee tea also has some notices. Don’t drink until the host hand up to you sincerely. 

5. Never spit and applaud behind people.

6. People must have a round walk from left to right when meeting the temples, pagodas and something religionary. 

7. Never stride over the religion equipments and fire pans. 

8. Scripture wheel or scripture scroll can not be revolved in reverse. 

9. Never touch the head top of other people. 

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