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Why travel Tibet in winter


90% tourists will choose busy season(April to October) to travel in Tibet, BUT still have 10% of them like to have a speacial tour  for they could find a real Tibet and share the beautiful landscape with the nature rather than the crowd. Here are three reasons for Tibet trip in winter.

1. Good climate, warmer than Beijing 
Tourists may think that Tibet in winter must be very chilly. Contrarily,in some place of Tibet, it is quite warm in the daytime, even warmer than Beijing.The average daytime temperature in most of the cities and regions of Tibet is between 10 degrees centigrade and 18 degrees centigrade. It is 3 to 5 degrees centigrade higher than that of Beijing. And the highest tempreture in the main attractions  in Tibet is between 6°C to 15°C (42.8°F to  59°F). Visitors will see Tibet lay in the golden rays of the winter sun from November to March of next year.


Tibet in winter with snow mountains

Tibet in winter with better visiblity


Besides, Tibet has fresher air, better visibility, and more majestic landscape in winter. If you are a photography lover,you will like the winter Tibet because the blue sky with little clouds makes snow mountains even more outstanding.It is a good time of the year to shoot the plateau view.

2. Less tourists, more leisurely and comfortable journey
The tourist high tide in Tibet often falls in between May and September. In winter, the renowned tourist attractions such as the Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple are not that crowded. Hence, you can enjoy a more leisurely and comfortable journey instead of being worried about how to get the entrance tickets or trying hard to make your way through the crowds. 

3. Less expense, lower price
In order to encourage more tourists travel to Tibet in winter, the Tibetan local government and tourism department will carry out a special tourism promotion for winter visitors from November to March each year.That means going to Tibet in winter is much more economical, for transportation, catering, accommodations, and sightseeing charge less. In detail,  the entrance fee of the tourist attractions will be largely reduced and the service offered is as qualified as usual. Some of the tourist attractions will even reduce its ticket price by 50 percent, which is absolutely a real bargain.






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