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Top 10 China Famous Mountains

China is a mountainous country.
A lot of world-famous mountains like the Everest (Mt. Qomolongma) lie in China. Most of Chinese territory is interspersed with many famous mountains. In Southwest China, visitors can see Qingcheng Mountain, Emei Mountain, Siguniang MountainJade Dragon Snow Mountains, Xiling Snow Mountains, Meili Snow Mountains as well as the picturesque mountains of Guilin. In East China, Huangshan Mountain, Taishan Mountain, Sanqing Mountain, Wuyi Mountain, Lushan Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain, Tianzhu Mountain, Putuo Mountain, Zhongshan Mountain and Longhu Mountain are available.
In Middle China, people can visit Wudang Mountain, Three Gorges, Hengshan Mountain, Songshan Mountain and Shennongjia.
In West China, Visitors can go Huashan Mountain, Zhongnan Mountain, Kongtong Mountain, Yuntai Mountain, Helan Mountain, Kunlun Mountains and Tanggula Moutnains.
In North China, mountains like Taihang Mountain, Hengshan Mountain, Wutai Mountain, Changbai Mountain, Greater Hinggan Mountains (Daxing Anling) and Lesser Khingan Mountains (Xiaoxing Anling) are available as well.
Chinese mountains are largely distributed in all corners of China. They not only play the role of geographic landmarks but also the cultural and historic heritage. Over 5000 years of experiences among these mountains, Chinese people created an incomparable mountain civilization. Many mountains today have been the cultural mountains and historic mountains. They are closely connected with big events happened in history like Taishan Mountain, and also associated with Chinese cultural foundation stones comprised of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism such as Lushan Mountain, Emei Mountain and Zhongnan Mountain.
A great many Chinese historic and cultural saints and sages used to receive education and cultivate themselves in these mountains and a large numbers of all-round recluses as well as unsearchable figures lived in these mountains to create the miracles of ancient China. Chinese mountains are both the heritages of Chinese nature and culture. For facilitating readers, we select ten of them and create this special page.

Huangshan Mountain is located in East China, the southern area of Anhui Province. Its location is called Huangshan City, which is a city directly named in the title of Huangshan Mountain. Huangshan Mountain is extremely famous for its landscape and time-honored culture. It is even the best and most famous Mountain in Asia, even in the world. As one of the World Cultural and Natural Heritages in China, it is worth of sightseeing and stay...

Taishan Mountain scenic area is located in the center of Shandong Province and crossing Taian and Jinan two cities with the total area of 426 square kilometers. Anciently it is called to be Daizong Mountain and during the era of Spring and Autumn(770 BC-403 BC), it was renamed to be Taishan Mountain with the title of Dongyue (In Chinese 东岳,in English means the oriental great Mountain). Taishan Mountain is a delicate bonsai with the high research value...

lushanmountain wuyi

Lushan Mountain, in 1996, was officially listed to be one of the world cultural heritages in China and written into the List of World Heritage. It is the first batch of national key scenic spots, advanced unit of national scenic area, national civilized scenic area, national sanitary and safe mountain as well as one of the top-ten famous mountains in China. In 2007, Lushan scenic area is formally permitted to be Five-A scenic area by National Tourism Bureau...

Wuyishan Mountain is located in the south of Wuyishan City, Fujian Province, with an total area of 70 square kilometers; the area has what is probably the largest, most typical and best-preserved humid subtropical forest all around the world. It was nominated to be a biosphere reserve of UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Program in 1987, and crowned to be the cultural and natural heriages in the world. By the way, it is the fourth mountain gets this honorary award.

wudangshanQingcheng Mountain

Wudangshan Mountain scenic area is located in the northwest part of Hubei Province. It is linking eastward with Xiangfan city, a famous cultural and historical city in China, and facing the massive Danjiangkou Reservoir, which is the water source of South to North Water Project. And behind it is the Shennongjia virgin forest area. It is one of the world cultural heritages issued by UNESCO...

Qingcheng Mountain has always been loved by the men of letters. Zhang Daqian, a famous Chinese contemporary painter eqaully famous with Qi Baishi, has livied on Mountain Qingcheng since the 1940s. He traveled a lot in the area and created tounsands of famous paintings themed with the landscape and culture of Mountain Qingcheng. Majestic landscape, comfortable climate and rich...

Hengshan Mountain sanqingshan mountain

Hengshan Mountain in Shanxi province, traditionally called Beiyue or North Sacred Mountain, is one of Chinese Five Sacred Mountains, and the other four are respectively Taishan Mountain famous as East Sacred Mountain, Huashan Mountain famous as West Sacred Mountain, Hengshan Mountain in Hunan province famous as South Sacred Mountain as well as Songshan Mountain famous...

Sanqing Mountain is the cultivation center of Taoists of different generations. Sicne Ge Yun and Ge Hong of Jin Dynasty came here, Sanqing Mountain gradually turned to be the center of Taoism believers or masters. The first man who fabricated the temple or monastery on the mountain was Wang Jian who was the leading official of Xinzhou in Tang Dynasty...

Huashan Mountain jade dragon snow mountain

Huashan Mountain, also known as the Western Mountain (Xi Yue) due to its geographical location in relation to the others, is famed as the most precipitous of the five. Along the 12km path leading from the foot of the mountain, where it starts at the Jade Fountain Temple (Yuchuan Si), to its five peaks, you will get the chance to see some impressive scenes...

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain  is the southernmost glacier in the Northern Hemisphere. Consisting of 13 peaks, among which Shanzidou is the highest one with an altitude of 5,600m (18,360ft), Jade Dragon Snow Mountain stretches a length of 35km (22mi) and a width of 20km (13mi). Looking from Lijiang Old Town in the south which is 15km (9mi) away...



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