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Top-Four China Folk Love Stories

China is a romantic country with more than 5000 years of civilization. A large number of stories and legends live with Chinese people from generation to generation, and also nurture Chinese people’s soul deeply. Chinese people love stories, especially the touching love stories, so Chinese people are talented in creating the fabulous stories and sharing the stories. Traditionally these stories can be available both in oral and written ways. Chinese traditional learners preferred to get the inspirations from these stories and collect these stories together to educate more, so readers can easily read stories in books; Chinese people of old generations traditionally also prefer to narrate and illustrate the romantic stories to the younger generation when they are boys and girls. In autumn’s evening, after dinner outdoors, children used to surround their grandma or grandpa under the old maple trees or pin trees to hear the romantic and moving stories and peer at the vast sky and numerous stars. How mysterious the sky is! How imaginative these children will be! Thanks to Chinese classical stories, Chinese people for generations are profited endlessly. In order to better the reading, we edit this page based on our vast and rich Chinese culture introduction.



Lady White Snake Liangshanbo and Zhuyingtai

Lady White Snake There are many legendary stories happened in Hangzhou, "Lady White Snake" is one of the most popular folk tales. We could find it in many local dramas such as Yueju, Kunqu, Chuanju and Beijing opera, In some Chinese classical literatures, it is also could be read, for instance in Sanyan Erpai written by Feng Menglong and Ling Mengchu. It is expanded in china extensively...

The story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai as the China's Romeo and Juliet, was one of our country's four folklores including Lady White Snake, Niu Lang and Zhi Nv, Meng Jiangnv and this one. The story, which concerns closely with Hangzhou, happened in Zhejiang in Eastern Jin Dynasty.Zhu Yingtai, a girl whose nickname was Jiu Mei, wholeheartedly wanted to study in Hangzhou. His father could not stand her...

Mengjiangnv Niulang and Zhinv

Meng Jiangnv  In the Qin Dynasty, a good-hearted and beautiful girl named Meng Jiang Nv, one day, when she was doing housework in her courtyard, suddenly she discovered a man was hiding below the grape rack. She was so afraid and she wanted to shout aloud, but the young man waved his hands and asked for help, "Don't yell please, and save me! My name is Fan Xiliang. I am here to seek refuge." At that time Qinshihuang Emperor was building the Great Wall and he deployed troops to catch civilian young men to help to complete the gigantic project...

Niulang and Zhinv This is a beautiful story that has been narrated for thousands of years, and also one of Chinese four top folk love stories. For generations, many young men and women are moved too much. It was said that there was a Zhinv Star (Vega) who was a beautiful girl on heaven and a Qianniu Star (Altair) who was a handsome young man. Both of them fell in love with each other deeply. However, on heaven, the love between gods was forbidden. And their love was finally found by Empress.Zhinv was the granddaughter of Empress...



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