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Wuzhen Travel Guide | China Water Town


Wuzhen is always a dreamlike water town in China (

Wuzhen lies in the north of Hangzhou city of Zhejiang Province, and at the center of the triangle formed by Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing. The town covers an area of 72 sq. km, with a population of 60,000 and permanent residents of 12,000. The town is divided into four parts by a cross-shaped river. That’s making it the only ancient water town adjacent to the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Because its warm and humid climate, the products here are rich, making Wuzhen well-known as “The town of fish, rice and silk.” .  The ancient residential houses, workshops, and stores still standing on the banks of the rivers, 169,600 square meters, accounting for 81.54 percent of the town's total floor area, have remained unchanged, lending an atmosphere of antiquity. For sure, it’s the most popular interesting place in China tour. Visitors can come and go between Wuzhen and Tongxiang by way of Shanghai-Hangzhou Freeway, No. 320 national highway and No.318 national highway. From 7:00 am to 17:00 pm, every other 15 minutes, a medium-size bus is available for

Wuzhen travel

 . In Wuzhen, the major vehicles in wuzhen for travel generally consist of man-powered rickshaw and taxies. In the scenic area, the vehicles include hand-rowing boat and sightseeing bus. 


Wuzhen has a history of over 1000 years since it establishment 872 AD. It’s valuable that across 1000 years, the town has never changed its name, address, water system or life style. The traditional buildings are still well preserved after passing so many years. In this town, with a dense network of rivers, people build their house along the river, and establish the market close to bridge. The rail, the bridge over river and arch gate across street are built in stone. In Wuzhen, there are more than 100 hectares of late 19th Century original buildings and more than 120 ancient stone bridges in different sharps. It’s just like a giant museum of ancient architecture. In this town, you could see watercourses and flags fly everywhere. The native villagers live peacefully in their house besides the water, and justlike their forbears do hundreds years before.


As a famous old water town, whole layout of Wuzhen is largely influenced by the local water system. The cross-shaped inner-river system separates the town into four districts, and the local people call them Dongshan, Nanshan, Xishan and Beishan. In 1999, after the careful investigation, the project of Dongshan kicked off. It is briefly called Dongshan Scenic Area. In order to realize the target of best protection, best environment, thorough function and best management, three measures comprised of heritage protection project, culture protection project and environmental protection project. And many other creative management measures are taken for better showing this gem of ancient towns in China. In 2001, Dongshan scenice area was officially opened and based on its original appearance and rich culture of the water town, Wuhzhen in a short time became one of Chinese best ancient water towns. Its long-standing history and culture, purified and graceful landscape of water town, unique and tasteful local food as well as colorful and diversified festivals of folk custom let Wuzhen become the one vivid exhibition of oriental civilization. Since its opening, annually, more than 2 million travelers at home and abroad are attracted by Wuzhen. It used to be the tour destination for APEC participants and many political leaders of China. In 2003, it won the Asia-Pacific Heritage Award for Outstanding Heritage Conservation.

Overview map of Wuzhen ancient town in Zhejiang, China

 Wuzhen Xishan Scenic

Area Map shows us the whole layout of the water town. The water system, traditional style buildings and the idyllic environment please us too much. As a museum of traditional life and folk custom in Jiangnan area, Wuzhen is the best.  Come to Wuzhen for real China's traditional town life.

The well-known tourist attractions in Wuzhen include: Fanglu Pavilion, Xiuzhenguan, Ancient Opera Performance Stage, Former Residence of Mao Dun, Ancient Coins and Paper Money Museum, Jiangnan Woodcarving Diplay Hall, Rice Wine Workshop, Jiangnan Folk Custom Museum, Hundred-Bed Museum and Wenchang Pavilion and so on. Each attraction is themed with local tradition and culture.

Wuzhen is also famous for its numerous famous people. Chinese first collection of poem and prose was successfully edited by Prince Zhaoming of Liang State in Wuzhen; Chinese earliest town history record was edited by Shen Pin in Wuzhen. Wuzhen is also the hometown of Zhang Yangyuan who was the famous Li master, Bao Tingbo who was the famous book collector or bibliophile as well as the high officials named Lin Yanchen and Xia Tongshan in late Qing Dynasty. There were more than 200 famous learners and officials in Wuzhen from Song Dynasty to Qing Dynasty. In modern times, the famous people include: Mao Dun who was the great novelist and essayist, Lu Xuepu who was the banker, Yan Duhe who was the one of famous founders of Chinese journalism, Shen Liying who was the famous agriculturist and Feng Zikai who was the famous learner, cartoonist and painter. They all came out of Wuzhen and did a great contribution to China. besides, there were a lot of other people who also were fond of Wuzhen very much like Xie Lingyun who was the founder of Chinese poem themed with mountains and water and Pei Xiu who was one of the prime ministers of Tang Dynasty and a famous master of Chinese painting and calligraphy. They are all the base of Wuzhen charm and Chinese culture. 

On a kind of beauty that naturally endowed, Wuzhen become a famous water town lies south of Yangtze River in China tour. Wuzhen well congregated history, culture, environment, advanced and complete service facilities with warmhearted people. It will be the best destination in your China travel.




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