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To see China in the past 10 years, you head to Shenzhen, to see China in the past 100 years, you go to Shanghai, to see China in the past 1000 years, you visit Beijing, to see China in the past 5000 years, you drop by Xian, one of the top ancient capitals on earth (rivaling Athens, Rome, Cairo). Xian was the starting point of the Silk Road also. Nowadays, it allures as a museum city strewn with artifacts.
where is xianxian city map
Xian in ChinaXian City Map (Click to enlarge0


Xian is bordered by the Loess Plateau to the north and the Qinling Mountain ranges to the south, the watershed of North and South China. Its north is framed by the rolling hills such as Liang Mountai. Echoing the Qingling Mountain Ranges in the south, these natural barriers embrace Xian and keep it from the chilly north wind during winter. The Weihe River, the largest branch of the Yellow River, crosses Guanzhong Plain, where the Xian downtown core and satellite cites radiate.

Taka a panoramic view, you will be stunned by the vistas: the sprawling Guanzhong plain carved by the mighty Yellow River, is honeycombed with cities, towns and villages and crisscrossed with canals. In the distance, they are all fringed by the mighty and undulating mountains on both sides.
xian attractions map
Xian Attractions Map (click to enlarge)

Xian Climate

Xian is characterized by the semi-humid and sub-temperate monsoon climate with moderate rainfall and four distinct seasons. March to May and Sep to Nov are the best time to visit. January is the coldest month, you need to wear down clothes, and July to Aug is the hottest, stay indoor as much as possible.

Xian Economy /Cost of Living

Xian is a key economy powerhouse in China. It bridges the East and the West in all aspects.Xian features a burgeoning Travel industry, thanks to its rich world-class attractions. It also boasts of one of China’s most flourishing high-technology industry, due to the unmatched talents hailing from innumerous universities nearby.

By now, Xian has become the largest business and trade center in west China.

Cost of living in Xian is acceptable. It is less expensive than that of Beijing and Shanghai. As for dining, shopping, accommodation, options for budgets of all sizes abound. As for tourist, transportation, the entrance fee of sights or performances and hotel account for the majority of the bill. By joining a reliable tour operator, you can save a significant amount of time and money.
xian tourist map
Xian Tourist Map (click to enlarge)

Xian, China’s Athens, Cairo and Rome

During the Tang Dynasty(618-907), Xian has become an international mega-city with a population of one million citizens. It was the most cosmopolitan, civilized and resplendent on earth. Trade reached the Central Asia and and Europe, Xian’s hotels and markets were frequented with merchants from various countries. Its academies shouldered the mission to spread the Chinese civilization (the most advanced at that era) to its myriad,international students. Chinese monks set out their epic expedition to India to study Buddhism. Buddhist grottoes, such as Yungang,were constructed or expanded on a massive scale at that illustrious era.

The other enduring legacy of Xian is that its role as the starting point of Silk Road, an economy, cultural and religious artery that connected and shaped the world.
xian subway metro map
Xian Subway(Metro) Map  (click to enlarge

Xian Education

Xian is one of China's best educated cities. Its high percentage of well-educated citizens outshines the majority of other Chinese cities, rivaling that of Beijing and Shanghai. Averagely, one person out of six people has received higher education for bachelor degree and above.
xian city map1
Detailed Xian of Xian (click to enlarge)

Xian Top 10 Attractions

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Top Seven Things to do in Xian


No.1 Enjoy.102 kinds of dumplings (Dumpling Feast) at Defachang

No.2. Watch the breathtaking Tang Dynasty Singing and Dancing Show

No.3. Browse through its pedestrianized commercial streets, such as Shuyuanmen, for food, souvenirs and special memory.
Jiefang Road is a thriving shopping quarter and offers fantastic window-shopping. Shuyuanmen is Xian’s answer to Lilichang of Beijing. It is a place to buy paintings and calligraphic works.

In Dajue Xiang Market(大觉巷),you can buy a little of everything, from antiques, musical instruments and Mao memorabilia. But do not expect genuine.

No.4. Watch Showbox play at the quaint Gao Family Courtyard (高家大院)

No.5. Enjoy the enthusiastic and rustic Qingqiang Opera in Yisu Grand Theater(易俗大剧院)

N0.6 Cycling along the City Wall (or join the Xian City Wall Marathon),the biggest and best-preserved military endeavor on earth

No.7. Enjoy dozens of snacks at the Muslim Quarter to enjoy Biang Biang Noodles, Rou Jia Mo (meat burgers), Yang Rou Pao Mo (Shredded pancakes in a mutton or beef soup) and Jiasan Guangtang Baozi(steamed buns),etc.Xian’s snack scene is unrivaled across China. You can eat here for one month without repetition and wont feel bored.

Xian Night Life

Dihao Theater(帝豪歌剧院)

A comprehensive recreational hub with a theater, karaoke and a nightclub
Add: 12/F, Xinli Guomao Dasha, 119 Dong Da Jie
Open:8 am to 2am

Tangyue Gong(唐乐宫)

A feast for the senses await you at Tangyue Gong. Mouthwatering dishes are served alongside Tang singing and dancing show, a veritable Tang dynasty extravaganza.
Add:75,Chang’an Beilu
Open:6:30pm to 9:40am

Xian Time-honored Restaurants

Defangchang Jiaozi Guan德发长饺子馆

Its Dumpling banquet involves 102 kinds of dumplings of all sizes, shapes and flavors. It is the most famous place to enjoy Dumpling Banquet in Xian
Add:3 Xi Da Jie, Zhonggulou Square
OPen:10am to 2pm 5pm to 9pm

Jiasan Guantang Boazi家三灌汤包子
Enjoy the juiciest and most flavorful steamed buns in Xian.
Add: 191 Xiduan, Xiyangshi Jie
Open: 7:30am to 9pm

Laosunjia Niuyangrou Paomo老孙家牛羊肉泡馍
Beef and lamb paomo are the most popular dish among both the locals and expats. It suits western palates perfectly. The average cost is around RMB 19.
Add: 364,Dong Da Jie
Open: 6:30 am to 10:30pm

 Xian’s Lesser-Known Gems


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Author: Sophia Lee  Updated on May 27,2014


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