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Top 10 Rock Climbing Destinations in Yangshuo

Yangshuo, the heartland of South China Karst(a UNESCO heritage site in China), is one of the rare places which can cater to the most diversified meets of travelers: food, culture, night life, outdoor adventure, hiking and bamboo rafting. Due to the large quantities of rock climbing routes scatter among the ocean of Karst peaks, Yangshuo enthralls rock climbers of all levels worldwide, and has become their Mecca. By now, many rock climbing clubs spring up, providing gears and expertise as well as instilling a robust and wide adventure spirit into its enticing landscape. In terms of the quantities, quality and difficulty level of rock climbing routes, Yangshuo definitely is undoubtedly the number one in China . Each year, Yangshuo Rock Climbing Festival will kick off. People sharing the same passion will gather together, enjoying the sport and scenery here. By far, the following 10 destinations are most famous:

Number One: Moon Hill

Routes: 14

Level: Mediate level to experienced rock climbers

Moon Hill is the earliest and the most attractive climbing site in Yangshuo. Beginners should avoid this place, for it is steep and challenging. Besides, you need to wear hamlet to shield from the possible falling stones .
Moon Hill Rock Climbing Routes
路线号:Route Number 路线长度Length of Route 平均坡度Slope 难度等级 Difficulty Level

Number Two: Tongmen Hill(铜门山)

Routes: 8

It nestles along the picturesque Yulong River and the idyllic surroundings. It is accessible by the mini bus from Yangshou to Gaotian. The first route was designed by an Australian named Ken in the year of 2000. Among the eight climbing routes, two classic routes extends all the way above the cave, with difficulty marked at 5.11. You will be charged of 2¥ for climbing this hill.

Tongmen Hill Climbing Routes

Number Three: Muzhi Hill(Thumbnail Hill)

Routes: 10

Level: beginners

Located 5km from Yangshuo and 300m from Butterfly Spring, Muzhi Hill derives its name from its unique shape which resembles a thumbnail. A classic climbing route named “Happy New Year” attributes to its fame. Measuring over 100 meters long, Happy New Year climbing route is divided into 5 sections, and is a perfect warm-up site for beginners. On the left of this hill there is one stone cave, which boasts several short distance climbing routes, which are very interesting. If you want to stay on the hill to spend the night, you need to bring tents, head light, food and enough water.

Muzhi Hill(Thumbnail Hill) Rock Climbing Routes 

Number Four: Big Banyan Tree

Routes: 10

Level: the most difficult rock climbing route in China

Situated 6km from Yangshuo, it is a famous scenic site as well as a renowned rock climbing area. Just as Moon Hill, the first climbing route was set up by Todd Skinner here. Among the 10 established routes here, one route’s difficulty level reaches 5.13D, making it the most difficult one in China.

See the sketch, No.1. Route splits into two pitches: Pitch 1: height 27m slope:  85 degrees  Difficulty level: 5.11c.      Pitch 2: height: 28m  slope: 100 degree  Difficulty level: 5.12b

No.3. Route: difficulty level: 5.13c-d
Big Banyan Tree Rock Climbing Routes

Number Five: Jinmao Cave(Gold Cat Cave,金猫洞)

Routes: 6

Level: beginners

Located 4km from Yangshuo and 200m from Butterfly Spring, it is the nearest rock climbing site to Yangshuo. These 6 routes are especially friendly to beginners. Most people will pause and applause the wonderful rock climbing performance staged here.

Gold Cat Rock Climbing Routes

Number Six Wine Bottle Hill( Jiuping Hill,酒瓶山)

Routes: 10

Level: mediate

Location: opposite of Butterfly Spring

You can take a bus from Yangshuo to Gaotian and get off at Butterfly Spring Park. Look around to find the cliff with yellow rocks. It is within walking distance, and you can reach it by go across a rice field. The rock of this hill’s cliff is clean and hard. Due to the relative new routes, there is falling stones sometimes.

Number Seven: Middle Finger Hill(Zhongzhi Hill, 中指峰)

Situate opposite of Thumbnail Hill, Middle Finger Hill boasts two traditional climbing routes. You should prepare a main robe measuring 60m long. The rocks are very sharp here, you had better watch out when withdraw the ropes.

 Middle Finger Hill Rock Climbing

Number Eight: Chuanyan Rock(穿岩)

Left of Tongmen Hill sits Chuanyan Rock which shelters two giant caves and is easily to recognize. You can get here by taking bus from Yangshuo to Gaotian. After get off the bus, you will reach it after half a hour’s walking.

Except rock climbing, you can explore the giant cave it shelters which can contain several hundreds of people.

Number Nine: Butterfly Spring

Butterfly Spring Park
is a touristy site, which can be annoying sometimes. The rock climbing routes develed in 2001 for those top rock climbers are located at the right side of a giant man-made butterfly on the cliff.


Number Ten: Yinzi Rock(银子岩)

Located in Lipu County, it boasts golden triangular-shaped cliff which is perfect for rock climbing. You should wear helmet. Sometimes, there are falling stones during the climbing process. Take a bus from Yangshuo, you will reach it in 45 minutes.
yangshuo-yinziyan-hill-rock-climbing yangshuo-yinziyan-hill-rock-climbing

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