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Bai People Cuisine

According to the data of 1996, 80% of 1.4145 million Bai people live in Dali. This versatile ethnic group built the famous Dali Kingdom (937-1254) which served as the economy and cultural center for over 800 years. Rooted deeply in the soil of Buddhism cuisine and Han People’s cuisine, Bai Cuisine is characterized by spicy, sour and sweet flavor. The hospitable Bai People are good at making ham, sausage and the following dishes. Three Course Tea, one famous tea ceremony, is practiced by Bai People.

Top Six Dishes of Bai People

No. One: Dali Hotpot Fish(大理砂锅鱼)
Dali Hotpot Fish(大理砂锅鱼)
The most diversified food materials are prepared to make this dish: fish, vegetable, carrots, ham, meat, mushroom.etc. Inviting to the eye, this dish also features extremely fresh flavor.

No. Two. Midujuanti(弥渡卷蹄)

To prepare this dish, fresh pig leg is the most important material. It is salted and seasoned with ingredients include pepper powder, red rice and white wine before being boiled. It can last for 10 months. The bright red color can remind you of the blush of shy Dali girls. This dish can be cooked by steaming or boiling. It goes especially good with wine.

No. Three: Papaya Chicken(木瓜鸡)
Papaya Chicken(木瓜鸡)

1500g chicken meat will be used to make this dish. Distinguished by pure and light flavor, it can refresh you instantly. No wonder it enjoys great popularity among both local people and tourists.

No. Four: Dengchuan Milk Fan(Dengchuan Rushan, 邓川乳扇)
Dengchuan Milk Fan(Dengchuan Rushan, 邓川乳扇)

Dengchuan boasts lush grass, and every family keeps milk cows. The milk produced there are simply the best in Yunnan province. This snack made of Dengchuan milk can be roasted, baked or fried. It could probably be the only place where milk can be cooked in so many ways.

No Five: Xizhou Baba(喜洲粑粑)
Xizhou Baba(喜洲粑粑)

This snack is nicknamed as Xizhou Town’s pizza. Flours are roasted till it adopts the golden color. You can choose the salty or sweet flavor.

No Six: Heqing Fried Pig Liver鹤庆猪肝炸)
Heqing Fried Pig Liver鹤庆猪肝炸)

In China, there is little room for waste when it comes to food. Different with Europe, the inner organs of livestock are discarded, they are often prepared into mouth-watering dishes in China. Pig’s livers, stomach and intestine are collected to make this dish. Ingredients like red pepper, chilli, star anise and concentrated salt are added. It serves as an appetizer and the glowing red color of this dish echoes the outgoing character of Bai people.

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