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Top Eight Dai People's Dishes

The Dai Ethnic Group mainly dwells in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture in southwest Yunnan province. According to the data issued in 2006, there are 1.25million Dai people. Rice and Polished glutinous rice are their main diet.

Bamboo Tube Rice(竹筒饭)

This is perhaps the most famous dish of Dai people. To prepare this dish, first, Dai people will cut one bamboo branch down and chop it into well-proportioned tubes. Then, they will put polished glutinous rice into those tubes and dip them into water for several hours. After that, they will seal the openings of tubes with clean banana leaves before putting them onto fireplace to bake. Around 10 minutes later, when a fragrance emits out, you can knock one tube on the ground for several times so the rice will peel off, then you can open it and have a bite.

Lemongrass Wrapped Chicken(香茅草烤鸡)
lemongrass wrapped chicken
lemongrass wrapped chicken

Killed chickens are cleaned before being baked on fire pit to medium degree. Then, the Dai people will cut down the medium-roasted chicken meat and smash with a stick. Seasoned with various ingredients include garlic and chili, the fist-sized chicken meat ball will be wrapped by lemongrass leaves before being roasted again. After the meat is well-cooked, it will be smeared with the pig oil and barbequed for another several minutes. Then, you can get rid of the lemongrass leaves and taste it.
Lemongrass Grilled Fish(香茅草烤鱼)

To make this dish, first Dai people will throw away the inner parts of a fish, then stuff it with various ingredients like ginger, garlic and chili. After that, they tie it with lemongrass and bake it on fire. It tastes extremely brittle and yummy.
Fried Cowhide(油炸牛皮)

To make Fried Cowhide, Dai people will put the shaved cowhide into water and boil them for several hours. Then, they will slice them into pieces and hang them in airy places. When in need they will take the dried cowhide and put them into oil pan. When the cowhide is fried to golden color, Dai people will put them into one plate. It goes well with rice noodles.
Pineapple Purple Rice(菠萝紫米饭)
 Pineapple Purple Rice
 Purple rice will be soaked for 7 to 8 hours before being steamed with minced meat. This dish is good for lung and can enhance our blood system.
Lami Sauce(辣咪)
 Lami Sauce
Moss from rivers is stamped into flat shapes, then the Dai people will spray ginger soup onto them before exposing them under the sunshine. The naturally dried up moss pieces will be cut into palm-sized pieces and fried to golden color.  
Fried Moss (油炸青苔)
 Fried Moss
Sour Bamboo Shoots boiled with Chicken (酸笋煮鸡)
 Sour Bamboo Shoots boiled with Chicken
Dai people are obsessed with sour flavor. Pickled bamboo shoots are cleaned first before being boiled with chicken meat. When the chicken meat is boiled up, they will be cooked with chili, ginger and garlic. This dish is an ideal appetizer.

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