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Yunnan Top Festivals(1/2)

The most famous Torch Festival: Torch Festival of Yi People(彝族火把节)

To dispel the insects and to celebrate harvest, Yi people will hold Torch Festival each June 24 to 25(lunar calendar), that is around July 8 to 9 by solar calendar.
Torch Festival of Yi People
Among all Torch Festival celebrated by different minority groups such as Bai people, naxi people, Hani people and Lisu People. Yi people’s Torch Festival is simply the grandest and most famous one. Festivities include wrestling, bull fighting, archery, horse racing will occur during daytime and Bonfire Party as well as running with torches in hands will take place during night. It is Yi people’s carnival and chance to find romance. Around 10 thousand to 100 thousand participants will join this event each year.
 torch-festival-yi-people torch-festival-yi-people

The biggest trade Festival: March Street Fair of Bai People in Dali city(大理三月街民族节)

Emerging as a Buddhism event initially, the at least 400 years old March Street Fair has evolved into the biggest trade event of Bai people. It occurs each March 15 according to lunar calendar and will last for 5 days. This festival will draw various ethnic groups from all direction like a magnetic, and they will dress up as well as bring herbs, livestock, tea and various specialties to trade in Dali’s Sanyue Street. Festivities include archery, singing, dancing and horse-racing will be staged. Full of surprises and excitement, it definitely deserves your participating.

The most thrilling Ethnic Festival: Daogan Festival of Lisu (Lisaw) People (傈僳族刀杆节)

Lisu People mainly live in Tengchong County and Longling County, Yunnan province. Each February 7 to 8 (lunar calendar), Lisu people will celebrate the Daogan Festival to memorize a heroic officer named Wangji of Ming dynasty (1368-1644).Believing that the baptism of fire can keep various disasters away, Lisu people will dance on the burning fire agilely and skillfully, with bare feet!From time to time, they will grab the hot charcoal fireballs and rub them on face, body with lightening speed by bare hands!What is more amazing is that none of them get burned. How Lisu people can achieve this remains a miracle and a riddle. The only clue Lisu people have revealed to outsiders is that those performers have received special training and not every Lisu people can have such talent and courage.

The second day, an over 20-meter-high ladder with steps made of sharp blades will be erected on a square. In the high noon, people will throng into this square again. Five Lisu men who performed fire play the day before will compete with each other to climb the ladder by bare hands and feet. The one who reaches the summit first will perform various challenging movements.
Daogan Festival of Lisu (Lisaw) People

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