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Traditional Chinese Sports

During the past millennia, China has developed numerous sport items, among which four are closely associated with Olympic Games. Cuju, a game played by the ancient Chinese since the Spring and Autumn Period (770BC-221BC), is considered as the primitive form of football; Archery dates back to 28000 year ago, is a sport of gentlemen; Wrestling, the game of strength and tactics, emerged during the primitive tribes and was popularized by Emperor Qinshihuang over 2200 years ago. Swimming, a basic skill, has been mastered by ancient Chinese people since the tribe society. Other sports such as martial art, Taichiquan and acrobatics are famed as "Chinese national treasures" and enjoy reputation worldwide. Added by folk sports such as tug-of-war and dragon boat racing, Chinese sport is a treasure house deserves your exploration. Deeply rooted in the earth of traditional culture, Chinese sports vary dramatically with western sports. Loaded with the philosophy of Confucianism and Daoism, it is an approach for Chinese to gain longevity, to achieve balance of mind and body as well as to cultivate a harmonious inner world.
· Chinese Ancient Football, Cuju
· Chinese Martial Art, A National Heritage
· China Acrobatics: An Unrestrained and Splendid Artform
· Equestrian in Ancient China
· Swimming In Ancient China
· Ancient Wrestling in China:Jiaodi
· Golf in Ancient China:Chuiwan
·  Archery:the Sport of Gentlemen in Ancient China
· China Folk Sports and Customs
· Taichiquan,the Wisdom of Yin and Yang
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