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Beer Festival at Windows of the World Shenzhen

Time: May 31 to Sep 8

Place: Windows of the World,Shenzhen

Entrance Fee: RMB 60 (night) RMB 160 (day)

Feature: it is the most unique and popular beer festival in Shenzhen.
shenzhen beer festival windows of the world


Be entertained by super stars, rock singers

Be carried away by the sights, sounds and scents in the SHOW bar. Dance away your nights to the tune of music. Woof down fine wine and food.
Enjoy the food, vigorous dance and food at the MINI beer square.
After a culinary banquet, treat yourself an enlightening morning in the Beer Saloon to demystify the beer culture
For the guenine young and young at heart, go to the Carnival to experience childhood again. A bunch of recreational activities can be enjoyed to your heart’s content.

Drink till you drop during the Beer Contest. If lucky, you will found yourself become the Beer King accidentally.

Be overwhelmed by the colorful and sensational parade consisted of stunning dancers, models…
Under the Eiffel Tower: 19:30-20:00 Exotic dances from worldwide Tuesday to Sunday)
Triumph Arch(凯旋门) 20:30-20:35 Fireworks display Saturday and sunday
Cesar Palace(恺撒宫) 20:00-22:45 Windows of the World,Shenzhen Performance

Get in by Bus: No. 20、26、32、42、43、51、54、59、66、70、72、78、79、90、96、99、101、109、113、204、209、210、222、223、230、232、234、245、301-305、323、324、327、329、338、350、365、367、369、370、373、383、390、392、395、N1、N4、N5、N11 Get off at Windows of the World Bus Stop(世界之窗站/ 世界之窗总站/ 世界之窗地铁接驳站)

Get in by Metro Line No.1. Luobao Line(罗宝线): Jichang Dong(机场东) to Luohu(罗湖)

Whole Route of Metro Line No.1
.: Shenzhen East Airport机场东—Huirui后瑞-固戌---XiXiang Township西乡—Pingzhou坪洲—Baoti宝体—Anbao Center宝安中心—Xin’an新安—Front Sea Bay前海湾—Carp Gate鲤鱼门—Da Xin大新—Peach Garden桃园—Shenzhen Univeristy深大—Shenzhen High Tech park高新园—White Stone Shoal白石洲—Windows of the World(you get off here世界之窗)—Huaqiao City华侨城—Qiaocheng Dong侨城东—Bamboo Forest竹子林—Che Gong Temple车公庙—Xiangmi Lake香蜜湖—Shopping Park购物公园—Exhibition Center会展中心—Gang Xia岗厦—Huaqiang Road华强路—Science Pavilion科学馆—Shenzhen Grand Theater大剧院—Shenzhen Old Street老街—Shenzhen International Trade Mall国贸—Luohu Lake罗湖
shenzhen beer festival windows of the world
 Map of Windows of the World Shenzhen (click to enlarge)
Author: Sophia Lee  Posted on May 28, 2014  All Rights Reserved.


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