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China Top 10 Buzzwords Lao Wai Should Know

Hi, Lao Wai (老外), if you want to impress your Chinese friends, clients,buddies and enemies, here top 10 buzzwords used rampantly within China in 2013.

No. 1: Tu Hao (土豪), literally means “Chinabounder”

Origin: A wealthy young man asked a monk : “ master, I am really rich, but why I am not happy at all? Can you enlighten me?” The monk reached out one hand. The young man took the hint and asked “ Do you mean that I should be generous and grateful?” The monk shook his head and smiled : “ Tu Hao, can we be friends?”

How to use “Tu Hao”?

If your Chinese friend happen to be very wealthy and showy, Tu Hao is a well-fitting title for him or her. For instance, Lao Zhang shi yi ge tu hao. (Old Zhang is a Chinabouder. ). Or simply greets him “ Hi, Tu Hao.”
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No. 2. “ wo he wo de xiao huo ban dou jing dai le.” (我和我的小伙伴们都惊呆了)
Origin: A student created a sensational story on the origin of the Double Fifth Festival, and he ended the story with this phrase which means “ I and my little friends are left astonished.” Here, little friends has flush-worthy connotations, go figure out yourself.

How to use: If your Chinese boss, or coworkers,or girlfriends/boyfriends or lovers told you an arresting story, you can conclude :” wo jingdai le”, which means “ I am stupefied”

No. 3. Dai Wo Chang Fa Ji Yao, ni qu wo ke hao ? (待我长发及腰,xx娶我可好?)
How to use: If you are a lady, and falls in love with a man, you can cite this sentence to propose. BTW, its means “ when my hairs grow up to the waist, will you marry me?

No.4. Ni Wei Shen Mo Fang Qi Zhi Liao? (你为何放弃治疗?简称何弃疗)

It means “ why do you give up therapy?”

Origin: Yang Yongxin, a doctor dealing with internet-obsessed adolescents, used illegal treatment to them for many times. He is accused by many people. This phrase becomes popular like wildfire.

How to use: If you are annoyed or offended by some Chinese idiots, you can ask them “ Ni Wei Shen Mo Fang Qi Zhi Liao?” to indicate that they have no brains.

No. 5 Zhong Guo Meng(中国梦)
It means “China Dream”, the counterpart of “America Dream” This phrase is popularized by China’s president Xi Jingping. It mirrors Mr Xi’s great determination to revive the glory of China.

No.6. Guang Pan(光盘)
It means “empty your plates.”
Origin: Mr Xi advocates thrift since he became president. Upon his request, Chinese government officers, unexceptionally, should live a frugal life, at least along the meal table. During the past, Chinese will greet each other “ Ni Chi Le Ma?”, which means “Have you enjoyed a meal?”, today, they teased each other: “Ni Gugang Pan Le Ma你光盘了吗?”
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No.7.Dao Bi (倒逼)
It means take a forced move.

No.8 Diao Si (屌丝)
If you are a ugly, poor and short man, or a manly and unattractive girl, congratulations, you win a nickname “Diao Si”, which means “underdog”

Here to ten norms to judge if you are a Diao Si according to Chinese internet denizens:

Ladies meeting the following terms are veritable Diao Si
1 never bought bikini
2 never bought bright colored nail polish
3 height: not falling between 165cm to 167cm
4 never wear 5cm-high heels
5 weight: not within 57kg to 59kg
6 Too shy to smile broadly
7 prefer to walk behind men
8 skin: not pear-white and pinkey
9: do not like using mirrors
10 never shave their private gardens
11 their hairs are not long and black

Men meeting the following terms are veritable Diao Si
1 their wallet’s cash exceeds no more than 1,000RMB
2 their shoes exceed no more than RMB800
3 Height: not falling between 175cm to 177cm
4 Do not have at least 3 girlfriends before marrriage
4 year bonus exceeds no more than 10,000
5weight: not falling between 66kg to 68kg
6 smoke cheap tobacco
7 only drink white alcohol and beer
8 do not travel from 2 to 5 years

No.9.Ni Xi(逆袭)
Literally means “the triumph of the underdog”. It usually comes along with the word “Diao Si” mentioned above.

No.10 Nv Han Zi(女汉子)
Literally means “Able Woman, Ms independent and superwomen”, Nv Han Zi is used to describe career women with strong mind and great ability. If you happen to have such Chinese female friends, you can tease them as : “Nv Han Zi.” Believe me, they will smile.
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Other buzzwords of this year include Dian Zan (点赞), which means “click the thump icon to show praise”(just as those in facebook), Da V(大V) and Qi Pa (奇葩). Da V refers to those VIP member of Wechat, they are either superstars, eminent scholars or financial experts followed by over 500000 fans. They lead the topics and brainstorm Chinese internet denizens. Qi Pa is a derogatory expression. If you have a Chinese boss or coworker who is capable of doing every annoying things which drive you crazy, you can call him/her Qi Pa.
Author: Sophia   Posted on Jan 19, 2014


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