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Dong Festival

Dong Bullfighting Festival: Bullfighting can be the favorite pastime of Dong people. It is often staged in the second or eighth lunar month. Each village will keep several buffalos exclusive for competition. Fed with honey, rice wine and lard frequently, these candidates are very stout. Three days prior to this festival, these buffalos will enjoy a baptism of Reed-Pipe music. On the very contest day, buffalos embellished with red ribbons, bells, feathers and banners will make their impressive debuts. Special ritual is carried out prior to and during the whole fighting, which is a matter of interest to outsiders. A multitude of bystanders will flood in and encircle the venue, where buffalos will fight each other desperately. The winner will honor not only its master, but also the whole village; hence, they will enjoy applause, special treat and care. The defeated buffalos, however, are not so lucky. Their banners will be “robbed away” by Dong girls from other village. To ask them back, their masters need to treat those girls a great dinner. If your timing coincides with this engaging recreation, you should seize the chance, for this unique Dong style bullfighting is really awesome.
dong bullfighting festival
Dong Bullfighting Festival: Feb and August (lunar month)

Sowing Seeds Festival: On the 3rd day of the third lunar month, Dong people at the junction area of Guizhou, Hunan and Guangxi will celebrate Sowing Seeds Festival. Villagers will perform various labor activities, such as plowing the rice, sow seeds and reap the harvest, which is vivid and funny. To create merry atmosphere, firecrackers are displayed and a myriad of Dong style singing will be performed.
Sowing Seeds Festival: (March the Third, lunar month, Sanyuesan)

Girls' Day(April the Eighth):This festival is celebrated by Dong ladies on the eighth day of the fourth lunar month. Those married women will reunion with their parents and sisters, making snacks such as Wufan(Black Rice) and Ciba out of glutinous rice and dispatch them as presents.
girls day dong peoplegirls day dong people
girls day dong peoplegirls day dong people
King Lin's Day: It is held in the sixth lunar month to commemorate Lin Kuan, a northern Dong hero lived in the 14th century. Dong will make giant Zongba(Zongzi, snack made out of glutinous rice), which can feed 35 people per time. This practice is to commemorate Lin Kuan’s mother, who used to make giant Zongzi to her son. Wine, pork and Zongzi will offered to King Lin on this day. The ancient song of King Lin will also be sung. Grandfathers will tell the heroic deeds of this legendary hero.
king lin festivalking lin festival
king lin festivalking lin festival

Eat New Harvest ( June the Sixth): The 6th day of the sixth lunar month will see Eat New Harvest festival celebrated by Dong people. It is the second grandest festival of Dong people, just next to Dong New Year. In Zhaoxing Dong Village, Long’e, Shuikou, Donglang and Xinping Township, this festival is celebrated colorfully. Dong people will make Zongba, a snack made of glutinous rice and worship their ancestors. In Tongdao Dao Autonomous County, dogs will have the first bite of the new rice.
dong eat new harvest festivaldong eat new harvest festival
dong eat new harvest festivaldong eat new harvest festival

Gaoba Singing Festival(高坝歌会)
: On the 10th day of the seventh lunar month, Dong people in Jianhe County will dress up for a grand singing carnival. The green meadows of Gaoba Village will be crammed with a sea of people. This festival devoted to a faithful Dong female singer, bridges Dong people together. Against the idyllic setting and enveloped by such joyful atmosphere, Dong young men and women will find their soul mates through this timeworn tradition.
sing contest dong people
shengdeshan singing contest
shengdeshan singing contest

Shengdeshan Singing Contest:(“圣德山”歌会):Named after the 1176-m high Shengdeshan located in Tonglin Town, Sanshui County, Guizhou, this festival is the biggest of its kind among Dong people. On the 15th day of the seventh lunar month, tens of thousands of young Dong singers hail from Jianhe, Tianzhu, Xinhuang, Yuping and Zhenyuan will gather here. Fueled with singing and dancing, this inviting event deserves one day’s exploration.
shengdeshan singing contest
shengdeshan singing contest
shengdeshan singing contest

Reed-Pipe Dance Festival (Lusheng Festival): shared by both Miao and Dong people, this festival has been popularized in southeast Guizhou as early as Tang Dynasty (618-907). Zhu Geliang, a great military strategist living in the Three Kingdom Period (220-280), is the invented of Reed-Pipe. This seven-day festival is held on the 27th day of the ninth lunar month. Dong people with festival attires will congregate at the specific venues, singing and dancing. It is a best chance for outsiders to sample their music, attires and culture.
dong lusheng festival
Dong Lusheng Festival

Dong/Kam New Year: It usually occurs during the tenth to eleventh lunar month. As the barns are filled with rice and corns, it is a time to celebrate. They will clean up the house and prepare a wealth of food. Ciba, a snack made of glutinous rice, is a must-eat. Massive scale festivities include bullfighting, Reed-Pipe dance and Duo Ye( community circular dance) will turn these serene Dong villages into land of color and happiness. 2007 saw Dong New Year enlisted into the second batch of Guizhou Intangible Heritage Site.
dong new year
dong new year

Chinese New Year
: It is the grandest festival of Dong people. Northern Dong people celebrate Chinese New Year while Southern Dong people remaining loyal to its tradition will flock into the Sa Sui Temple to pray. In Tongdao Dong Automomous County, southwest of Hunan, Dong people will gather around the fireplace, eating New Year Eve banquet and stay overnight. At dawn, twelve firecrackers will be displayed by men and spring will be carried back by women to make New Year tea. Xuan’en Dong people will beat drum for half a month. All these activities are bestowed with auspicious connotations.
Duoye Festival(多耶节)   Duoye means “dancing according to music”, it is a community dance of Dong people. They dance in circles, hand in hand. There is no distinction of social status and sex discrimination. Duoye Festival held in Sanjiang County is most representative. Except for listening to Kam Grand Choirs and joining the Duoye Dance, you can also enjoy Long Table Banquet, appreciate over 200 drum towers and more than 120 wind-rain bridges here.
duoye festival


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