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Dong Food

Dong people live on rice and are crazy about sour dishes, which account to half of their menu. Each household has five to six earthen jars. oil tea dong foodBreakfast and dinner involve a functional drink named Oil Tea. Occurring in the wideness, lunch is more like a picnic, with pickled fish or pork and sour vegetables contained within a basket. Their dinning time is around two hours later than Han Chinese.

Culture of Dong Food

Rice Wine: Dong people love drinking. Rice wine penetrates into every aspect of their life: gathering, festival, wedding, guest-greeting...Rice wine is usually prepared during the ninth lunar month, which is poured into tanks before being heating up near the fire pit or being buried underground to ferment. When spring draws near, the rice wine is ready for taste. The wine will become so thick that one can pull threads out of them. They are extremely sweet and mellow.

Glutinous Rice: Guizhou is the garden of glutinous rice, there are over seven variants, among which Fragrance Glutnious Rice, the king of this family, is most famous. Just as the saying goes: “one family steam the Fragrant Glutinous Rice, the whole village is haunted by the intoxicating fragrance.” Glutinous rice is molded into balls to carry out when they labor in the mountains or rice fields. It is also used to make dishes or snacks like Zongzi or Ciba, which make great gifts.

Long Table Banquet: Long Table Banquet is invented by Miao people to celebrate Miao New Year as well as to greet distinguished guests. Other minorities include Dong and Yao share the same practice. Dong people’s Long Table Banquet features happy atmosphere and a wide variety of sour foods. Join a tour package, so you can enjoy this feast and sample the Dong culture through a bit of their food. Rice wine, pickled fish, sour vegetables.

Oil Tea: the magic and marriage-proposal drink

It is interesting to observe how this drink is prepared. Air-dried glutinous rice is deeply fried before being mingled with well-cooked peanuts, soy beans, sesame,  glutinous rice cakes and bamboo shoots. After that, they will be boiled with tea and seasoned with fresh vegetables. With so much ingredients, Oil Tea features time-consuming making process and rich flavor. It is a special treat of unique flavor and high nutritional value. Dong people attribute their longevity to Oil Tea also, deeming it a most healthy drink.

The term “Eat Oil Tea” has special meaning in the dictionary of Dong people. When a young Dong single man is proposing to a girl, he will send a love matcher to this girl’s home and request “Eat Oil Tea”. If the parents permit the request, it means they are happy with the proposal.
oil tea
Oil Tea

Features of Dong cuisine

Dong cuisine can be summarized by three words: diversified, sour and cheering.

Diversity: From water bounty including carp, shrimp, crab, snails and oysters to pork, chicken, duck and beef, from wild fruits including kiwi, pear and peanuts to snakes, frogs, deer, rabbits and fragrant pigs, Dong cuisine boasts over 500 kinds of raw materials. It is claimed that they eat everything has wings except plan, and everything with four legs except table.

Sourness: Dong people share the same taste of Miao, both of whom are obsessed with sour flavor. Dong people preserve almost everything eatable by pickling, such as pork, beef, fish, duck, oyster, dragonfly, bamboo, cabbage...what makes them special is that those pickled vegetables can last for two years, pickled chickens and ducks can last from three to five years, pickled pork can last from five to ten years, while pickled fish can last from twenty to thirteen years. These delicacies are only served during grand festivals and occasions. Dong people’s Sour Fish Banquet is really awesome and rare-seen.

Cheering: it is a most memorable experience to dine in a Dong village. At the dining table, you will be entertained enthusiastically.

Things you should not do when eat in a Dong village: 1 do not sit on the threshold, do not stare at people who is eating, do not intrude on any Dong village when there is a sacrifice going on. During the funeral period, do not eat pork, beef, ducks, but fish and crab are the exceptions.

Main Dishes of Dong People
dong fooddong food
dong fooddong food
dong fooddong food

Sour Soup
: it is brewed by the spring used for rinsing organic rice. Sour Fish Soup is the most famous dish.

Shrimp Sauce: fresh shrimps are smashed into clay together with chill pepper. After that, they will be mingled with rice, bean, and ginger powers before being stored within clay pots. This sauce goes well with stir-fried dishes as well as light flavored soups.

Pickled Fish, Pickled Pork: Dong people throw almost everything into their clay jars, such as fish, pork, chicken, birds, vegetables...The making of pickled fish involves several procedures: first, fresh water fish are got rid of inner organs, then they are mixed with chili pepper powder and glutinous rice. After that, they are poured into wooden barrels by tiers, which alternate with seasonings. After that, it is sealed by a heavy rock to keep the air out. One year later, this dish can be served at the table. Those pickled dishes ranging from ten to twenty years, are viewed as treasures, just like top grade red wine.
piclked fish dong food
Pickled Fish

Barbecue Fish
: fish cooked in this way is characterized by chewy texture as well as crispy and fragrant flavor. It goes especially well with local chili pepper sauce as well as Sour Soup.

Niubie Pork: this could be the most sensational and kind of disgusting dish of Dong people. The undigested grass juice in the stomach of buffalos is used to cook pork. How they get it out remains a mystery. It is said this dish features unbelievable medical properties, which can enhance our heath and cure digestion diseases, but under one condition, you have the gut to swollen it in.
dong people long table banquet
Long Table Banquet


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