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Epic of Manas

Epitomizing the mythology, history, culture, heritage, folklore, worldview, philosophy and wisdom of the Kyrgyz people, Epic of Manas《玛纳斯》is more than a literature gem of the Kyrgyz people, but also their national encyclopedia.

Containing over 500,553 poetic lines verses, this monumental epic’s length is 2 times longer than Homeric epics Iliad and Odyssey and 2.5 times of Mahabharata, the famous Indian epic. The sheer size of this long epic is impressive enough, however, it is the exceptionally poetic expressions, vivid descriptions, witty language, highly symbolic meanings and engaging plots that make it impeccable.

Together with Epic of King Gesar《格萨尔王传》and Epic of Zanger《江格尔》, they form top three epics in China.

The plot of Manas revolves around the heroic deeds and fate of Manas, his son and grandson. The courage, wisdom, heroic deeds of the heroes and the greatness of love run through this epic. To the Kyrghz people, it is more than an oral heritage, but also a reservoir of their culture, legacy and memory.

Features of Manas

Manas consists of 8 columns, each is named after a hero respectively and all of them are descendants of Manas, who is the embodiment of wisdom, strength and courage.

Epic of Manas creats over 100 characters ranging from selfness heroes to selfish traitors.

Manas County(玛纳斯县), the birthplace of Manas

Hidden in the southern area of Junggar Basin, middle and north area of Xinjiang, Manas County, home to 19 minorities including the Uyghur, the Mongols and the Kazakhstan, is regarded as the cradle of this epic.
Author: Sophia  Posted on Sep 11, 2013


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