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erzhichan, two finger zen, Chinese martial arts, Chinese KungfuAt the Long Beach International Karate Championships, 1964, Bruce Lee impressed the world with a feat of two-finger push-ups. With his left hand at his side, he repeated push-ups supporting himself with his right hand’s pointer finger and thumb only.
In Chinese martial arts circles, two-finger push-ups are practiced by a fairly limited number of practitioners. It is a representative style of Shaolin “Hawk-style” kungfu, which features sharpness and ferocity like the claws of the hawk. Through years of training, the practitioner manages to manipulate and concentrate the Qi (for the concept of Qi, refer to Chinese Qigong) and strength of the entire human body on the index and middle fingers.

The iron-like fingers are a formidable threat in actual combat, especially when targeted at the vital parts of the enemy body such as the eyes, precordium, or flank. Special and long years of training is needed to master this skill, which involves both the mind, the strength, and the Qi flow of the practitioner. Though only two fingers bear the forces, the whole human body is involved, utilizing the muscles of wrist, arms, back, abdominal, etc.
erzhichan, two finger zen, Chinese martial arts, Chinese Kungfuerzhichan, two finger zen, Chinese martial arts, Chinese Kungfuerzhichan, two finger zen, Chinese martial arts, Chinese Kungfu

Doing push-ups and hand-standing using two fingers are the most common types of erzhichan performance, earning loud applause wherever they are performed.


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