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List of China Top 15 Beer Festivals and Events


No.1. Qingdao International Beer Festival

Since: 1991
Time: Aug 11 to 25,2014 (the last weekend of each August)
Place: Century Market, Laoshan District, Qingdao.
Feature: It is the biggest beer festival in Asia and one of the 10 largest on earth.
qingdao beer festival

No.2. China Dalian International Beer Festival (中国国际啤酒节)


Since: 1999
Time: July 24 to August 4, 2014 (The last Thursday of each July)
Place: Xinghai Square, Dalian
Entrance Fee: RMB 20 RMB 30(if you want to see the open ceremony of China International Beer Festival)

dalian international beer festival

No.3. Tianjin Beer Festival

Time: July 19 to August 4, 2014
Place: Jinwan Square (津湾广场) downtown Tianjin (near Binjiang Square and Heping Road)
Feature: Enjoy brand beers from worldwide, indulge in engaging activities, singing, dancing, drinking and eating. Picture spacious tables filled with beer-swilling, refined beautiful women performing on stage to the music and the infectious sound of Gan Bei ! (Bottoms up).

tianjin beer festival

No.4. Harbin International Beer Festival

Time: Each July (June 28 to July 14 in 2013)
Place: Harbin Ice and Snow World(哈尔滨冰雪大世界), the same venue where Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is staged during winter
Entrance Fee: RMB 10(exclusive of the open ceremony) RMB 30 (include the open ceremony)

Read more: Harbin International Beer Festival
harbin international beer festival

No.5. Chengdu Beer Festival

Time: May 22 to June 7
Place: Chengdu International Intangible Heritage Park(成都国际非物质文化遗产博览园)
Entrance Fee: RMB 5 during day RMB 10 during night
The time-honored HB beer reserved for the royal family will be served during this festival.
chengdu international beer festival

No.6. Shanghai International Beer Festival上海外滩老码头国际啤酒节


Time: April 18 to 20, 2014
Entrance Fee: RMB 50 (including one beer)
Place: 601 Waima Lu, near Maojiayuan Lu(外马路601号, 近毛家园路)
Feature: Shanghai International Beer Festival is the most influential beer event in Shanghai. Aiming to raise the profile of the international beer industry, Shanghai International Beer Festival bridges Beer brewers, distributors and beer lovers together. Its motto is “ if beer is your passion, SIBF is the place to be. Come for a beer, stay for the day.” 100+ kinds of beers from over 24 countries and delicacies from 15 countries have attracted over 30000 beer lovers in town.
Official Web:

china top beer festival

No.7.Shenyang International Beer Festival


Time: June 28 to July 9,2014
Place: Fangte Happy World Square, Shenyang City (沈阳市沈北新区方特欢乐世界广场)
Feature: A 3-round grand scale Beer Drinking Contest will be held. Beer fans from 869 neighborhoods and 8 cities will compete for the golden medal. The winners have the chance to drink with world-class beer kings. Another drawing card is the beauty contest held among university students.

No.8.Taiyuan International Beer Festival


Time: Aug 8 to 24, 2014
Place: Taiyuan Coal Trading Center(太原煤炭交易中心)
Feature: Beer Beauty Contest, Beer Drinking Competition and Taiyuan Beer Festival Carnival
Get in: 619,851,864,823,57,868 Get off at Changfeng Qiaoxi Bus Stop

china top beer festival

No.9. Ningbao Beer Festival


Time: June 3 to 8, 2014
Place: Ningbo Grand Theater
Feature: With the most diversified beers from across the world, irresistibly delicious food and snacks as well as exciting performances from super stars, Ningbo Beer Festival will take your breath away.

china top beer festival

No.10. Yanjing Beer Festival北京顺义燕京啤酒节


Time: Jun 6 to 8,2014
Place: The Beijing Olympic water park(北京市奥林匹克水上公园)
Exact location: Chaobai River, Xiaoying Town,Shunyi District, Beijing(北京市顺义区北小营镇潮白河畔)
Entrance Fee: RMB 30
Feature: June 7 to 9: An open ceremony involving beer drinking, food tasting, performances such as acrobatics, magic show will occur. This festival coincides with 2014 FIFA World Cup. You can enjoy beers and watch the live World Cup broadcast.

No.11. Xuehua (Snow Flake) Beer Festival of Jinhua雪花啤酒节


Time: May 7 to 11, 2014
Place: Jinhua city of Zhejiang Province

No.12. Kunshan International Beer Festival昆山国际啤酒节


Time: 17:00 to 23:30, Aug 27 to Sep 9, 2014
Place: Citizen Culture Square, Kunsha City,Jiangsu Province(昆山前进中路市民文化广场)
Feature: Over 200 varieties of beers from the world will be offered. Beer Drinking Contest, Beer Culture Exhibition and nightlife funs continue into the wee hours from dawn to dark.
Come to enjoy the beer, beauties, barbeque and go home with fully-loaded stomach and lingering memory.

No.13. Top 3 Beer Festivals in Hong Kong


No.1. Hong Kong Craft Beer Festival
Time: March 13 to 15, 2014
Place: West Kowloon Coastal Corridor( 西九龙海滨长廊)
Entrance Fee: $280 RMB

No.2. Lan Kwai Fong Beer & Music Fest
Every July, “Lan Kwai Fong Beer & Music Fest” with 100 world-renowned beer brands with unlimited supply from participating bars, restaurants and street booths attracts beer fans and nightlife enthusiasts like a magnet. Up-and-coming bands performing varieties of rock, guitar, and R&B music will be staged all day long!
Official Web:
Get in: MTR Central Station Exit D2. Walk along Theatre Lane and uphill to D'Aguilar Street for about 5 minutes.
china top beer festival

No.3. German Bierfest
German Bierfest ,Asia’s longest-running outdoor German beer festival, is a big hit with beer lovers. Visitors by thousands head for the big marquee towering above the majestic Victoria Harbour to sample authentic and delectable German food, clink steins and sing along to some good old oompah pah.
Time: 25 Oct 2013 to 16 Nov 2013.
See the lasted time on its official web:
china top beer festival

No.14. Xinjiang Wusu Beer Festival

Time: May 18, 2014
Place: Weekend Culture Square of Wusu City,Xinjiang (乌苏市新区周末文化广场)

No.15. Beer Festival at Windows of the World Shenzhen (深圳世界之窗啤酒节)


Time: May 31 to Sep 8
Place: Windows of the World,Shenzhen
Entrance Fee: RMB 60 (night) RMB 160 (day)
Feature: it is the most unique and popular beer festival in Shenzhen.
Author: Sophia Lee   Posted on May 28, 2014  All Rights Reserved.


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