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Miao Nationality Costumes

Miao costume is renowned for bright colors, extravagant decorations and rich cultural connotation. Embroidery and silver jewelries, two defining elements of Miao costume, are responsible for its bewildering charm. Lacking of written language, Miao record their philosophy and express their wishes through other art forms, such as music, architecture and costumes.

With history dating back to several millennia ago, Miao costumes are reputed as the epic of this great nationality.

The most elaborate and original patterns find the fullest expression in their costumes, headgears and silver jewelries. For instance, the striking bull horn headgears give clue to the ancient ancestor worship inherited till today.

Miao costumes split into children costumes, men’s costumes and women’s costumes. Compared to the gorgeous women’s costumes, men’s costumes are less appealing. Women’s costumes fall into two categories: daily attires and festival attires.

Geographically, Miao costumes fall into six categories, and Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture stands out as the best place to enjoy this great art form.

Boasting over 200 Miao costumes, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture is blessed with the most complete and best-preserved Miao costumes in China. Hence, it should be a choice destination for those fashion designers who want to get some inspiration in the Oriental world.
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