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Mongolia Food,Gourmet from Grassland

Mongolian cuisine is based on meat and milk, which is referred as White Food and Red Food respectively. Hence, it is carnivores’ paradise. Top representative dishes include Whole Roast Lamp, Shou Pa Rou and Lamp Banquet. Milk products have developed dozens of variants, such as Milk Skin, Milky Beancurd, Milk Tea, cream, cheese and yogurt. Except for white wine and beer, the Mongolian content themselves with Mare Milk Wine, their national drink. During your stay in Inner Mongolia, locals will treat you with wine. No matter you are good at drink or not, just sip some to show respect.
The Mongolian values the dining atmosphere very much. Singings and dances are performed to bring out cheery atmosphere. In some grand occasions, they will recite poetries and deliver a toast speech.

Beef and mutton are the main source of protein. Besides, goats, camels and horses are eaten in needy situations. The Mongolian have invented over 70 kinds of ways to cook mutton. Featuring fresh and original flavor, the mutton soup is a must-eat also. In eastern Inner Mongolia where Han Chinese share the same territory with the Mongolian, the Mongolian use more spices and cook the mutton till they melt into the soups. While in other areas, the Mongolian slice the mutton from the waist area into big chuncks and stir-fry them. This is called “Giant Fried Mutton”. Beef is usually eaten during winter. It can be used to prepare a beef banquet during grand occasions. In daily life, it is stewed, braised or boiled. The mongolian also eat camels and horses. The hump of camel is cooked and daubed with sugar, which is a rare delicacy. Comparing to those tribes of south pacific rainforst who eat spiders, the Mongolian’s diet is less sensational and disgusting.



Representative dishes

Just like Han Chinese, the Mongolian is obsessed with tea, not green tea or Black tea, but Milk Tea, which is their representative drink. It is not complicated to prepare a decent cup of Milk Tea: first, you need to boil tea for 3 minutes with simmered flame, then pour fresh milk slowly into it, then add some salt. Butter and Nai Pizi(Milk Skin) can also be added to enrich the flavor. With fragrant and yummy taste, this functional drink marks the beginning of a beautiful day along the grassland. Herbs, fruits and flowers are also mixed into Milk Tea to cure certain diseases. Their fever to Milk Tea has gone so far that they just cannot do without it for one day.


mongolian milk tea mongolian milk tea
 mongolian milk tea mongolian milk tea

Most Mongolians are good at drinking. Except for White Wine and beer, they also drink Mare Milk Wine. As one of the Top Eight Tributes of the Mongolian, it emerged as early as Qin (221BC-206BC) and Han dynasties (220BCO220AD). During the past, Kublai Kan used to reward his subjects with bowlful of Mare Milk Wine. With semi-transparent color, sour, sweet and spicy flavor as well as creamy and mellow texture, this wine can help digestion, enhance blood circulation and strengthen joints. With spirit degree ranging from 1.5 degrees to 3 degrees, Mare Milk Wine brewed in the traditional way can be consumed as daily beverage. It is said the top grade Mare Milk Tea involves six procedures’ distill, with each procedure sees the increasing alcohol degrees.


mare milk wine
Mare Milk Wine(马奶酒)

Milk products come in great variety in Inner Mongolia. Milk from horse, sheep, deer, cameral and cows are processed into dozens of diary products: Milk Tea, yogurt, air-dried yogurt, cheese, butter, cream and even wine. They are used to treat guests as well as to worship ancestors. Mare Milk Wine is popular summer drink which can refresh you instantly.

Mongolian Cooked Rice(炒米)
: it is one of the main staple of the Mongolian, just as milk products and meat. Mongolian Cooked Rice has golden colors, crunchy texture and tempting flavor. It can be stewed with meat, soaked up within Milk Tea, fresh milk or yogurt. This dish is easy to prepare and can tide one over the hungry for a long time, hence, it enjoys great popularity among the Mongolian.


mongolian cooked rice
Mongolian Cooked Rice(炒米)

Milk Skin(奶皮子): there are two ways to make Milk Skin: the first method is pour fresh milk into a container for one to two days to ferment. A thin layer of solid milk will form on the surface, which is Milk Skin, the raw material for butter. The other is to boil the fresh milk till the boiling point. When it cools down, a honeycomb-shaped Milk Skin will appear, which is called Boiled Milk Skin. It can be eaten instantly. Milk Skin is famous for its rich nutritional and magical medical properties. According to Mongolian doctors, they are good for heart, lung, hairs and cure Hematemesis.


mongonia naipizi
Milk Skin(奶皮子)

Yogurt(酸奶子): it is one of the most popular local delicacies of the Mongolia people. There are two ways to prepare this dish: fresh milk is heated up either by fire or sunshine, and then it is cooled down and stored to ferment. As an ideal summer beverage, it has inviting flavor and is good for digestion. It also goes well with rice.


mongolian yogurt

Cream: cream has many names and various preparing methods. During the past, the Mongolian usually put the fresh mil into the buckets to ferment. Then, they have to use a specific stick to stir for nearly a thousand times to get the cream. The past years have seen the huge improvement. Aided by machines, they can get the cream easily. Cream goes particularly well with rice. When boiled with rice together, the cream can yield a layer of oil with crystal golden color: the butter. Butter is the essential part of milk, which is marked by its smooth texture and melting taste.

Milky Beancurd(奶豆腐)
: it is Mongolian style cheese. This appetizing and nutritional snack contributes a lot to the Mongolian troops' miraculous success 800 years ago. Thanks to it, the soldiers can survive the forbidden land of deserts, Gobi and snow mountains. To prepare this dish, one needs to boil the yogurt, cool it down and put it into a bag to compress into chuncks of milky beancurds. The original flavor of Milky Beancurd is pleasingly sour, if you have sugar teeth, then you can add some sugar.


milky beancurd
mongolian milk products
Milky Beancurd(奶豆腐)


Lamp Banquet(全羊席): it is the most ancient and grandest dish reserved for wedding ceremonies, parties and distinguished guests. A whole sheep will be roasted till adopts a golden color and fills the air with intoxicating aroma. Then, this succulent dish is presented artistically into a wooden plate, just like a sheep squatting on its knees. A solemn ritual ceremony and pleasing praising song signify the prelude. After that, one can have a hearty bite. Invented duirng Kublain Kan's era, this dish  reached its zenith during Qing dynasty and became an indispensable part of the menu.
mongolian lamp banquet
mongolian lamp banquet
mongolian lamp banquet
mongolian lamp banquet
 Lamp Banquet(全羊席)

Roasted Whole Lamp(烤全羊) :It is a dish reserved for distinguished guests. To make this yummy treat, the locals usually empty the inner organs of the sheep, and then stuff it with a mixture of salt, ginger, scallions and pepper. Roasted for a hour, this dish will adopt a golden color, which will be very so tempting that even monks will want have a bite, not alone those gluttons.
roast whole lamp
roast whole lamp1
Roast Whole Lamp(烤全羊)

Shoupa Rou (literally means meat eat by hands手扒肉):mutton or beef are sliced into big chuncks before being boiled for several hours. Salt and flower pepper are added into the soup to enhance the flavor. To eat this dish, you can use a Mongolian knife to cut them into small pieces and enjoy them by hands.
mongolian shouparou
mongolian shouparou
Shoupa Rou (手扒肉)
mongolian shaomei
 Shao Mei(稍美)
mongolian lamp banquet
 Lamp Skewers(羊肉串)
mongolian kitchen


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