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Taboos of the Mongolian People

1  When you are approaching the yurt by horse riding or driving, slow down to avoid startling the livestock.

2  A red banner in front of the door or fireplace hint that there is a newly born baby inside, and outsiders are not welcomed to enter.

3  Avoid sitting on the bed in the western quarter of a yurt, for west direction is the place for Buddha.

4  Do not eat dog, donkey or white horse.

5  White and red are forbidden during the funeral, just as black and yellow are tattoo color for weddings.

6  Fire is deemed as holy item in the Mongols’ eye. Anything related to fire are sacred. Dry one’s shoes or socks above their fire basin or step over them are regarded as inappropriate behavior. Besides, put knives into the fire, pick meat from the pot through a knife or use a knife to stir the fire should be avoided also.

7  According to the Mongolian people, water is the purest thing in nature; hence, you cannot swim or wash hands and clothes in their rivers or lakes. Inner Mongolia is desperate for water, and it is a top priority for these herdsmen to keep water clean.

8  Do not smoke, spit, make noise or touch anything when you are touring around their monasteries
9 Do not kick their threshold, or touch children’s heads

10 Do not roll your sleeves before entering a yurt, make sure you wear decently

11 Do not bring the horsewhip into the yurt (you can leave it outside of the yurt, in the right section )

12 Do not sit in front of their shrines
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