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Tiancang Festival of the Manchu in Northeast China

The Lantern Festival is succeeded by Tiancang Festival, also known as Filling up the Storehouse Festival(填仓节), which takes place
tiancang festival of manchu people
in the 25th day of the first lunar month.

As to its origination, various sayings prevail, but none dominate. Some hold that this timeworn traditional festival is staged to worship a upright governor, who opened the grain warehouse during a famine year to save thousands of villages, while others acclaim that it is devoted to the God of Earth, or the God of Stars or the God of Warehouse. Over the past millennium, it has developed regional flavors across China and it is in north China's northeast, Beijing and Tianjin that it finds the fullest expression.
Festivities including prepare steamed wheat snacks, clean up, worship the God of Warehouse are still prevalent in rural areas. Its uniqueness is captured by traditional Chinese New Year paintings vividly. The food-obsessed Chinese turn it into a culinary festival featuring fanciful snacks made of dough, rice and dries fruits.

Tiancang Festival is greatly valued by the Manchu, the second largest ethnic group in China, who mainly reside in northeast China’s Liaoning province.

According the Manchu, their warehouses run empty in Jan 25(lunar month). In order to fill up the storehouse, they prepare broomcorn filled with horse-shaped dough and present them by big bowls. This behavior is highly symbolic, which materialize the act of filling up the storehouse. By doing this, they pray for a good harvest in the coming year.
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tiancang festival manch peopletiancang festival
tiancang festivaltiancang festival
Author: Sophia                         Posted on Dec 17,2013


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