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Stories about Tibetan Culture & Philosophy



Turquoise is very precious to the Tibetans
For the Tibetans, the most auspicious stone is not gold, but turquoise, which can bring them good look and safety.
A woman without wearing a turquoise in her hair is a great offence to others.
According to an ancient legend, turquoise is the resting place of the Tibetan’s souls. Hence, none can afford to lose it.


The First Tibetan Buddhist Temple

Samye Monastery is the ancestor of all Tibetan monasteries. “Samye” means “out of expectation” or “ Oh My Gosh”. When a Tibetan Kingdom uttered this sentence, Padmasambhava got inspired for this temple. When the voice of Lamas recite scriptures of sutras drift from this retreat, like a clear stream flowing from the past years, you will be transported back to time.
samye monastery
Samye Monastery
tibet monastery

Tibet in Winter


Tibet in winter, once was considered a forbidden place to visitors. However, CNN listed Tibet as the best winter tourist destination in Asia on its web, reasoning that it will offers you with “an epic train journey,” and that you can have the gloomy corridors, sunny pathways of Potala Palace all to yourself at this time.

Slow is Fast


High altitude sickness is a hot topic when travel to world rooftop. An experienced Tibet-fan summarized up a norm of deal with altitude sickness: firstly, take it slow; secondly, take it slow and third, take it slow. There also exists an interesting phenomenon: in Tibet, women adapt better than men, the old adapt better than the young and third, people with weaker physical conditions adapt more easily than the strong ones.

The Cradle of Tibetan Culture


To historians’ astonishment, the first palace, the first prayer hall, the first agricultural field, the first temple, the first scripture and the first
south tibet
Lhoka (Shannan), the cradle of Tibetan Culture
Tibetan opera all emerged in the same place---Lhoka (Shannan), which wins it a fitting tile: cradle of Tibetan culture”

Coexisting in Peace


Tibet is a land of extremities and mesmerizing contradictions. Yet, spiritually, it is profound, peaceful and harmonious, a land where man, nature and gods living in peace. Bon belief, the native and most ancient belief much older than Tibetan Buddhism are still preserved in some parts. Careful observers can perceive a most interesting phenomenon: Tibetan Buddhists circle their holy temples in the morning, mountains and lakes clockwise, while their Bon followers carry out the same routine counterclockwise during the night. It highlights the core spirit of Tibet: humble, tolerant and pious, approaching everything and everyone without prejudices.

Not Easy to hold Meetings


To highlight the vastness and harsh environment of Tibet, here goes a saying: “Lhasa is the best, Lhoka is the nearest, Xigaze is the largest, Nyinchi is the most beautiful, Nagqu is the highest, Ngari is the farthest and Qamdo is the steepest.” An government official, who worked in Tibet for decades, exclaimed that it is better to stage large meetings in autumn or early winter, otherwise, the participants from remote areas such as Ngari and Qamdo will either be unable to come out or unable to come back, due to heavy snow which block the villages and roads.

Tibet is not a Museum


A Tibetologist remarked, among all the foreigners flocking into Tibet, one group possess a sense of superiority in search of a backward place, the other is coming with a worshipping mind, cherishing the unrealistic wish to find “Shambala”. However, Tibet is not a museum. Have a balanced mind before you entering Tibet, so you won’t feel disappointed or upset.
samye monasterysamye monastery
Author: Sophia      Posted on Nov 1, 2013


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