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When&Where to see Beijing Top Temple Fairs

Beijing during Chinese New Year or Chinese Spring Festival is 10 times more vibrant than spare time. This bustling metropolis bathed in festival atmosphere, exhilarates and thrills, paralyzes and stupefies, due to dozens of Temple Fairs occurring in its temples, parks and squares.

Temple Fairs crystallize the quintessential parts of the multi-faceted traditional Chinese culture: Kung Fu, cross-talk comedy, storytelling, vaudeville-style acts, acrobatics, delicacies, crafts and time-honored religious rituals. By joining one Temple Fair in both Beijing and other cities in China, you will be transported back in time, to sample the living fossil customs and splendor of a bygone era.

Temple Fair is a grand carnival for all people. It welcomes everyone and includes anyone, regardless of your age, gender, wealth, social status, beliefs and nationality.

If you cannot attend those prominent temple fairs held in Baiyunguan (White Cloud Temple), Dazhongsi(Big Bell Temple) and Longtan (Dragon Pool) and Ditan (Temple of Earth), those minor ones, though smaller in size, still fill the bill.
Name/religion/lunar calendarFestivities/Address201420152016Rating
Baiyunguan Temple
(White Cloud Temple)
Jan 1--19
Jun 23-24
Celebrate the Celestrial God's Descent Day (Jan8th), Jade Emperor's Birthday (Jan 9th), Lantern Fair, Scripture-sunning Fair in Jun 18th-19th
Add: Baiyun Lu(white cloud road), west of Xibianmen(western gate),Xicheng District
 Dec31,2013 to Feb 18,2014
Aug 18-19,2014
sep30-oct 1
 Feb 8-26
Ditan Temple Fair
Dec 29-Jan7
 As the oldest, most famous and biggest  Temple Fair in Beijing, Ditan Temple Fair features the Qing Dynasty-style heaven worship ritual, flower exhibition and folklore performances

Add: Ditan Park, Anding Gate, Beijing(城区安定门外大街地坛公园)

Fee: 10RMB
 Jan 29, to Feb 8 Feb 17--25 Feb 7-14★★★★★
Longtan Park Temple Fair
Dec 29-Jan7
Highlight:Longtan Park Temple Fair attracts  the biggest number of performances. This  culture-laden event is characterized by Intangible heritage display and flower exhibition.

Add: Longtan Park, No 8. Longtan Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Fee: 10RMB
 Jan 29, to Feb 8 Feb 17--25 Feb 7-14★★★★★
  Beijing Taoran Pavilion Temple Fair

Dec29-Jan 5
its predecessor is Chuangdian Temple Fair, the biggest, most famous and authentic temple fair in Beijing and one of the top four in China.
Add: Taoran Pavilion, 19,Taiping Street,Xicheng District,Beijing

Fee: 10RMB

Highlight: intangible heritage and folklore performances This festival was in Changdian once, later, it was moved into this park.

Feature: food, crafts and folk performances

 Jan 29, to Feb 6  Feb 17--23 Feb 7-12 ★★★★
 Beijing Daguanyuan Temple Fair
Jan 1-5
 The parade of actors in traditional royal costumes, folk performances it is the perfect blend of popular culture and refined elite culture
Add: No 12, Nancaiyuan Street, Xicheng District, Beijing(北京市西城区南菜园街12号)

Fee: 40RMB
 Feb 2-6 Feb 19-23 Feb8-12 ★★★★★
 Beijing Shijingshan Mountain International Temple Fair
Jan 1-7
carnival parade it is a carnival applauded fervently by the young people
Add: No 25, Shijingshan Road(石景山路25号)

Fee: 10RMB
 Dec31,2013 to Feb 8,2014 Feb19-25 Feb 8-12 ★★★★★
 Beijing Fenghuangling Longquan Monastery Temple Fair
Time: Feb 9—15, 2013
ask for blessing, observe religious ritual and enjoy noodles and vegetarian food

Feature: the perfect mix of religious and secular celebration

Add: the outskirt area northwest of Haidian District, Beijing

Fee: 10RMB
Temple of Heaven Culture Week Festival

10:00、15:00 of Jan 1-5
The highest standard temple fair displays

Imperial Heaven Worship Ceremony & Dance

Add: Dongcheng District, Tiantan Road, Beijing (北京市东城区天坛路天桥东侧)

Fee: 10RMB
 Feb 2-6 Feb 19-23 Feb8-12★★★★★
Lianhuachi Temple Fair
Dec 30-Jan 6
crafts, delicacies, folklore performances

Add: Lianhuachi Park, Liuli Bridge, Xi San Huan East Road
Fee: 10RMB
 Jan 30 to Feb7 Feb 18-24 Feb 8-13★★★★
 Bixia Yuanjunci Beiding
(East Temple to Princess Aurora)
Apr 1--15
sample local delicacies
Add: North of Deshengmen
 Apr 29-May13 May18 to Jun1 May 7 to 21 ★★★
 Bixia Yuanjunci Dongding Temple Fair
(East Temple to Princess Aurora)
Apr 1-18
Sample local delicacies
Add: East of Dongzhimen
 Apr 29-May16 May 18 to Jun4
 May 7 to 24
 Bixia Yuanjunci Nanding Temple Fair

(East Temple to Princess Aurora)


May 1-15
Worship Pricess Aurora, large-scale pilgrim's fair, horse racing
Add:Nanyuan Township,Fengtai District
 Bixia Yuanjunci Beiding Temple Fair
(NorthTemple to Princess Aurora)


Apr 1-15
enjoy local food
Add: North of Deshengmen
 Apr 29-May13 May18 to Jun1 May 7 to 21 ★★★
 Bixia Yuanjunci Xiding Temple Fair
(West Temple to Princess Aurora)

Apr 1-15
 Worship Pricess Aurora, large-scale pilgrim's fair
Add: Sijiqing Township, Haidian District
 Apr 29-May13 May18 to Jun1 May 7 to 21 ★★★
 Bixia Yuanjunsi Temple Fair
(Temple to Princess Aurora)
Apr 15-18
 Worship Princess Aurora, large scale pilgrims' fair
Add: TongXian County,Beijing
 May 13-16 Jun 1 to 4 May 21--24 ★★★
 Dacun Temple Fair
April 8
 ethnic performances
Add: Dacun Township,Beijing
 May 6 May 25 May 14 ★★★
 Temple Fair of Dongba Goddess Temple
May 1--7
 ritual performances devoted to thanking gods; entertainment
Add: Dongba, Chaoyao District, Beijing
 May 29 to Jun2 Jun 16-22 Jun 5-11 ★★★
Temple Fair of Guandi Temple
May 13 and
Jun 24
 Worship, performances to give thanks to Buddha, Food market, sacrifices to Lord Guan on his birthday
and Jul 20
 Jun 28
and  Aug 8
 Jun 17 and
Jul 27
Houhei Temple
Tibetan Buddhism
Jan 15-23
 Dancing to drive out demons, entertainment
Add: outside Deshengmen Moral Victory Gate)
 Feb 14-23 Mar 5 to 13 Feb 22 to Mar 1 ★★★
(Ecstatic Forest Temple)
May 7
Stonemasons, carpenters and builders offer sacrifices to Lu Ban, the mater carpenter Jun 4 Jun 22 Jun11 ★★★
Tanzhe Monstery
Mar 1--15
Worship, entertainment, stalls
add: mentougou District
 Mar31to Apr14 Apr19 to May 3 Apr7 to 21 ★★★
 Wanshou Monastery
Apr 1--15
 Sacrifices to Sakyamuni on his birthday (the 8th day of the 4th lunar month
Add: Northwest of Xizhimen (Straight West Gate)
 Apr 29-May13 May18 to Jun1 May 7 to 21 ★★★
Author: Sophia           Posted on Dec 17, 2013


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