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Where to Listen to Huaer, China Top Folk Music


Simple, direct, bold, passionate and overwhelming, Hua’er(花儿) is a timeworn grassroot pop music that will speed up you heartbeat and make you blush, just like a first kiss.

Since remote antiquity, Hua’er has prevailed among 8 minorities in Qinghai province, such as Hui, DongXiang, Sala, Bao’an, Tu, Tibet and Yugu minority. With haunting melody, enthusiastic, fervent and ardent lyrics as well as a penetration tremble voice, it is easy to identify and even get addicted to.

During the feudal society, Hua’er, a pleasure enjoyed by the laboring class, was a forbidden voice amid decent high class society. It could not be sung within the families, villages, public places like schools and government organizations as well as amid relatives, especially relative of different gender and generations, such as parents and children, uncle and niece or nephew.

Despite of all prejudices and obstacles, Hua’er survived harsh conditions, thrived into dozens of varieties and gained unparalleled popularity.

Hua’er was a weapon for the oppressed labor class to fight against the dark and decaying society. Nowadays, it is more used for courtesy, expressing heartfelt sentiments, dreams, wisdom and good wishes for life. Though with a humble background, it is anything but coarse, unpolished and primitive. Epitomizing the multi-faceted culture along Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia and Xinjiang, it is honored as the soul of northwest China.

Ningxia is recognized as the birthplace of Hua’er and Hui people are viewed as its main creator, inheritor and spreader.

To immerse into live Hua’er, join a Hua’er Meeting. Originating from ancestral worship gatherings, Hua’er Meeting, the grandest carnival in Qinghai, attracts tens of thousands of minorities in their festival bests. They converge into settled sites from far-flung villages and towns, like numerous colorful streams empty into giant dance pools. Their songs resonate amid mountains and valleys and haunt you for many months.

Timetable for noted Hua’er Meetings held across Qinghai.

 Xining Hua'er Meeting(西宁凤凰山花儿会)May 6, 2014  Singing, drinking, barbecuing 
 Minhe County's Xiamen Hua'er Meeting(民和县峡门花儿会) Between May 29 to June 26, 2014
Qutan Monastery, Ledu County's Hua'er Meeting (乐都县瞿昙寺花儿会) July 10-12, 2014
 Wufengshan Hua'er Meeting (五峰山花儿会) July 2, 2014
 Danma Hua'er Meeting(丹麻花儿会) July 11-13, 2014
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Author: Sophia   Posted in Nov, 2013


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