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Long ago, a rich man was wandering in a park of Kunming. It had been a long time for him not to go out for a breath of the fresh air. His life was just on a nonstop running wheel. He felt tired and frustrated. Then, he saw a poor ragged beggar lying on the lawn pleasantly. He felt surprised and asked :" You have nothing at all. Why are you so happy?" Then came the answer:" Don't you see the sunshine and the flowers?"
Kunming Half Day Tour
Kunming Half Day Tour
From US$ 46 p/p
Dragon Gate Stone Carvings, Grand View Pavilion...
Kunming Stone Forest Tour
Kunming Stone Forest Tour
From US$ 90 p/p
Stone Forest...
Kunming City Tour
Kunming City Tour
From US$ 59 p/p
Yuantong Temple, Golden Palace, Yunnan Ethical Village...

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