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Hangzhou Stomatology Hospital
General Introduction:

Retention time, Preservation beauty. As a large specialized plastic surgery hospital with international standards, Hang Zhou Time Plastic & Cosmetology Hospital, situated at the main road in the urban areas with a covering of 4,000 square meters, is the first investment by the Time Plastic Surgery Hospital in Zhejiang. She not only owns a number of full serving experts who are renowned in home and abroad in plastic and cosmetology, also owns hi-tech equipments sophisticated with international top standards. She shows the perfect combination between the international plastic surgery skill and the top equipments.
Meanwhile, Hang Zhou Time Plastic & Cosmetology Hospital has formed cooperation relationships with lots of international well-know organizations, such as professional academic institutions including the Maxillofacial Surgery Training Base of the United Stryker and the Clinical Training Base of “dermatology laser and photon” for the United Science-Medicine-Human and so on. This provides powerful technical support for comprehensive upgrade of the plastic surgery techniques. Also in this way, the aspiration of many beautifies lovers to enjoy the classic and international plastic technology has been realized.


Tel: 0086-571-28968899

Address: No. 596 Jiaogong Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China


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