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Travel to China for an unforgettable Holiday with Chinese medi-care!
China is becoming one of the best places for cost effective private medical cares. In addition to the amazing traditional Chinese medicine, China has the most advanced medical facilities and experienced doctors who are trained either in the US or in Europe with up-to-date knowledge and skills, especially in terms of dental and cosmetic surgeries. Quality is high and cost might be only one fifth of that in your country. More and more people in the West choose China as an ideal option for medical tourism.
If you are planning for a medical treatment plus a tour abroad, why not come to China? With the cost prepared for a medical care in your country, you could have the same quality treatment in China while earning a free extra trip to China, exploring the enchanting beauty of this wonderful land.
Here we introduce some featured hospitals and their medical services for your reference. If you are interested in them, we would be glad to design a very special tour itinerary for you.
Feel free to contact us to share your interest.
Absolute China Tours wish you a pleasant trip in China with revitalized energy.
1. We will make tour arrangement for you while in China.
2. We will contact the designated hospital for you in advance and see to it that you will be treated on time per your itinerary.
3. AbsoluteChinaTours as being a travel agency in China will not be responsible for any consequence or dispute of medical treatment between you and your hospital.
4. In our website you will find a specific pricing list for various kinds of treatment from the hospital. Please pay exactly the amount as listed and do not pay any extra to the hospital if there is no extra service involved. You can refuse to pay the extra money whenever you feel it is over charged.
5. It is not at all a problem if you do not like to pay any tips to your doctor.
Hangzhou Stomatology Hospital
Specials and Details:        SEE
Tooth Whitening, Cleaning, Filling, Dental Extraction, Root canal therapy,Teeth treatment with Porcelain, Fused to metal etc.
Hangzhou Time Plastic & Cosmetology Hospital
Specials and Details:        SEE
Eye and Nose cosmetic surgery, Slim face, Scar repair,Liposuction, Face lift, Breast implants and rhytidectomy etc.

Hangzhou Guang Xing Tang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Specials and Details:        SEE
Medical Massage, Foot Massage, Acupuncture, Cupping Treatment etc.