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2014 Dragon Boat Festival Top Destinations



With history dating back to over 2000 years ago, Dragon Boat Racing, the highlight of Dragon Boat Festival, prevails in south China and southeast Asia such as Singapore and Malaysia. On the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, China’s rivers, bays and seas will be teemed with colorful dragon boats paddled by well-trained sportsmen. If you want to sample ancient Chinese tradition in a fabulous way, here are top 12 destinations for your reference.


China Longzhou Tournament in Wanning, Hainan province


China Longzhou Tournament(中华龙舟大赛) is the grandest, most influential and best dragon boat held throughout China. Winners can be awarded with the biggest sum of money during this event. It begins in Wanning city of Hainan province on March 1 and March 2, 2014 and will be held in 7 other cities successively.


Xixi Wetland National Park (Hangzhou) (Middle May to Middle June)


Nestling in the western area of Hangzhou, Xixi Wetland stands as sharp contrast to the bustling urban life. It is a kingdom of crisscrossing waterways, straw-thatched houses, rare wildlife, remnants of the outcasts and the newly built restaurants, tea houses, bars, drama stages and boutiques. Except for soaking in the rustic, idyllic scenery and relaxing lifestyle, you can time the visit during Dragon Boat Festival.


On June 2-4,2014, paddlers will carry out the rehearsals here. The final Dragon Boat Racing is a must-see in Hangzhou. Prepare your camera, and get ready to be overwhelmed by the carnival atmosphere, fanciful dragon boats, bewildering customs, mouthwatering food and marvelous contests here. Xixi Wetland is also a gastro-paradise. A great varieties of dishes made from the water bounties here are presented with antique lacquerware. You can enjoy them in a boat, that is how the name Boat Dish gets its name. It is also a great chance to learn how to make Zongzi and watch traditional wedding ceremony. (Get there: 12-Day China Educational Tour )



Yueyang, Hunan province


Yueyang, often skipped over in travel booklets, is the spiritual anchor of Hunan province. Since ancient time, it has been reputed as the land of talented poets and scholars. In the bank of Miluo River, Yueyang city, you can pay homage to Quyuan, one of the most revered patriot poet living during Warring Period(over 2000 years ago), drowned himself here when his country fell. What can be more authentic than experience Dragon Boat Festival in its hometown?


Fenghuang Ancient Town (Hunan Province)



It is a poetic Miao town embedded amid the dramatic landscape in western Hunnan province, middle China. It is a place to savor Miao and Tujia ethnic culture, the quaint Stilt Houses lining up Tuojiang River as well as experience the ancient Dragon Boat Race in the heartland of China. Bear in mind pick a good location(better in a stilt house so you can take a panoramic view of what is going on at the foot.) ( Experience Avatar: 6 days World Natural Heritage Tour of Wulingyuan in Zhangjiajie )



Zhenyuan Ancient Town (Guizhou) 

Dwelling along the pristine Wuyang River, Zhenyuan Ancient Town is one of the Top Four Ancient Towns of Guizhou. Though lesser-known, it boasts a wealth of ancient architecture establishments hailing from Ming and Qing dynasties. In this place where the glory of the past coexists with the glamour of colorful festivals, any visitor will be left awestruck and spellbound. During the past 600 years, locals here will stage Dragon Boat Race to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival. Activities including birds fighting and release lanterns into rivers are interesting also. (get there: 7 Days Guizhou Landscape and Ethnic Culture Tour )



zhenyuan ancient town dragon boat racing

Miao people's Dragon Boat Race in Shidong Miao Village






Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong On June 2, 2014, you can see a 10km-long dragon culture street. Elbow your way with excited locals and cheer for the race teams promise endless fun. With 130 boats participating in the Dragon Boat Race, you will be mesmerized by this spectacle instantly. Besides, you can also join the locals to pray for good luck, and feast eye one intriguing lanterns. In Desheng Square and Hefengshan Park, you can scatch the surface of the quintessential part of traditional Chinese culture such as Martial Art and Dry Dragon Dance.

>>>>Zhanjiang City(Guangdong province)

As a coastal city in southwest Guangzhou, Zhanjiang is an eccentric mix of coastal flavor and French influence. On June 2, 2014, the Seventh Zhanjiang Dragon Boat Race on Sea will take place. Comparing races in other places, the one in Zhanjiang is more spectacular. It will be very impressive to see the brave paddlers fight against the soaring and restless sea. Accompanied with thundering drumbeats and cheer voice, you will be carried away. (In 2011, 15 race teams with over 400 participants from countries including England, Germany, Spanish, Italy, America, Canada, Japan and Australia enthralled thousands of spectators during this festival. )

>>>>Jinli Town, Gaoyao (Guangdong Province)

A popular saying goes like this: “see the flower market, go to Guangzhou, watch dragon boats, visit Jinli town.” In the lesser-known Jinli Town, you can see over 100 dragons boasts. In this unassuming town, you can see large-scale Dragon Boat Race and eat Zongzi. (How to get there? One-Day Dragon Boat Race Tour )


Nanning, Guangxi

On June 2, 2014, Fangchenggang International Dragon Boat Festival will occur in Nanning. 21 troupes from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau as well as 8 countries including England, Iran, Russian and Vietnam will perform the most breathtaking Dragon Boat Race. It will be spiced up with an inviting evening party, gourmet festival, fishing contests and business negotiation.




On June 2, 2014 , Macauness will stage Dragon Boat Race in Nanhuwan Scenic Resort(Centro Náutico da Praia Grande,南湾湖水上活动中心). it is an international carnival featuring over 80 rounds of Dragon Boat Racing.


On June 2, 2014, Gaoxing Dragon Boat Race will be celebrated along Aihe River (between Gaoxiong Bridge to Zhongzheng Bridge)
Daytime: Dragon Boat Race (competition-oriented) Night: the exhibition of the culture of Dragon Boat Festival


Drowned with skyscrapers and thronged with residents from all over the world, Shenzhen, the powerhouse and metropolis hailing from southeast China, does not demolish anything that is ancient and old. In Moon Bay, Nanao District, the Thirteenth “Nuclear Cup” Dragon Boat Race will refresh its dwellers with the most thrilling performance. On 9am to 11:30am,June 2, 2014 you will see 18 troupes’s competition.



Notice: the exact date of Dragon Boat Festival in different cities mentioned above need to be double check.

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