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Absolute China Tours Joins Charity Sales in Early Summer

In this early summer, the earth is covered with love. Absolute China Tours have actively participated in the Rainbow Plan-financial donations to help students in need which was held successfully. We have made our efforts to help.

When our company heard about the activity, we have encouraged all the staffs to support and take part in the charity sales of Rainbow Plan. Through the full preparation of the company and all the staffs, we have been appraised highly in the activity.

On June 5, staffs of the company have almost taken free time to attend the activity in Zhejiang University to make preparations and start the charity sales. Through the one day efforts, we have donated all the money to Zhejiang University Charity Foundation. They will purchase stationery and daily uses for the students to help them accomplish the study and have better lives.

According to Zhejiang University, this activity was held by 1818 Golden Eye TV Show Zhejiang University. The number of people participated have reached 100 and besides 6 enterprises. The donation will be given to Fangjiazhai School in Chun’an County of Zhejiang. There are all together 55 students and 12 teachers in the school. The students are mostly from divorced families and poor families.
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