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Beijing Gaobeidian Folk Cultural Street becomes a tourist brand

By gathering the ingredients of traditional Chinese furniture shops, intangible cultural protection area, international reception area for folk tourism and one of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games' tourist villages, Beijing Gaobeidian Folk Cultural Street (高碑店民俗文化街), which is located in Gaobeidian Village of Chaoyang District, just to the east outside of the Fourth Ring Road of China's capital, becomes a new calling in Beijing's tourist industry. The thousand-year-old village sees the origin of the Beijing's old city canal – Tonghuihe River (通惠河).

Here is the new street of classical culture and art. It collects the Chinese Ancient Culture Museum, the Winter Heating Museum, the Museum of Imperial Examination Steles, the Chinese Canvas Museum, the Huasheng Crossover Museum (华声天桥博物馆) and some other private museums. Moreover, there are many traditional Chinese furniture shops on the Gaobeidian Folk Cultural Street. It is a recommended place for old Chinese furniture lovers.

The old furniture here is characterized the styles from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, new concept articles of modern furniture that made of old wood, interior ornaments and traditional ceramics. The Huasheng Crossover Market is one of the essential parts on the cultural street, and the Huasheng Theater is the main architecture here. The market gathers old Beijing's folk things, such as ancient calligraphy, old furniture, traditional shows, birds and fish pet shops and special snack stalls. The Museum of Imperial Examination Steles is one of the best private museums on the Gaobeidian Street.

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