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Beijing Escape during May Holiday:Zhongshan Park


From Apr 9 to early May,2014,  370,000 tulips of over 100 species will be displayed at Zhongshan Park, which embraces its centennial birthday this year. This tulip exhibition is the biggest in Beijing.

All of these tulip blossoms are displayed in 6 theme zones. Landscapes, animals and buildings composed of these dazzling flowers, exude a strong Netherlandish flavor. In the Hua Wu Chun Xiao quarter, you can see rare tulips such as Night Queen.


zhongshan park beijing map

During the Zhongshan Park Tulip Exhibition, you can also enjoy other popular blossoms such as azaleas.

Add: 4, Zhonghua Rd, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Entry Fee: RMB 10
Open: 6:00-20:00
Get in: Metro Line 1: get off at Tian’anmen West Stop(天安门西站). Head north and walk for 1 min, you will arrive at Zhongshan Park.
Take Bus No.5 which heads from north to south. Get off at Xi Hua Men (西华门). Walk eastward for 5min, you will arrive at the west gate of Zhongshan Parkl
Take Bus No. 1、5、10、22、37、52、728、802、Special Bus 1: get off at Tian’anmen West Stop(天安门西站).


zhongshan park beijing tulips exhibition

Flower Information of Zhongshan Park


Jan to Feb: 300 pots of Plum blossoms of over 20 species are displayed within

zhongshan park beijing tulips exhibition

Jan to Feb: 200 poted orchids of around 100 species are displayed at Huifang Park within Zhongshan Park

Middle to late March: peach blossoms, magnolia

zhongshan park beijing tulips exhibition

Apr: Flowering plum, clove, tulips, Chinese flowering apple, peach blossom, peonies, wisteria, yellow dahurian rose fruit, kerria japonica, water Xun, Europe snowballs


May: Peony, Chinese rose, pomegranate, taiping flowers: there are over 7000 peonies here. From May to Oct, you can see beautiful Chinese roses here.In middle May, pomegranate come into full blossom. In middle May, Taiping flower,(one kind of plum blossom), will bloom large and vividly.

zhongshan park beijing tulips exhibition

Beijing other famous gardens


zhongshan park beijing


Summer Palace


zhongshan park beijing

Tiantan Park

Beihai Park

zhongshan park beijing

Jingshan Park

Fragrant Hill Park

Beijng Botanic Garden: it is one of China’s finest garden

Beijing Zoo: it is one of China’s 10 best zoos. You can see pandas here.

Zizhuyuan Park: ideal place to row boat

Yuyuantan Park

Taoranting Park


Author: Sophia  Posted on Apr 26,2014

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