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China Railway Routes Adjustment

Currently, the railway routes of whole China are under adjustment. China Railway Corporation is investigating on the adjustment and optimization of all railway routes in the nation. This is the largest adjustment in history and from mid May the new routes map will be applied. Through the adjustment, over 300 pairs of trains will be increased. High speed railways count for most of the changes.
With the development of Chinese economy, the demand for transportation is enlarging. To decrease the travel time between cities, trains in normal speed will be replaced by high speed railways. Through the routes map change, 60% of all trains will be bulletin trains.
In the past, bulletin trains only operate in daytime and there are few night trains of high speed. After this adjustment, the night high speed trains between Beijing and Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, Nanjing and Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Guiyang and Guangzhou will be increased. The high speed trains leaving in the evening and arriving in the morning between Shanghai and Guangzhou will also be arranged.
The adjustment will also provide more convenience for travelers. Short distance trips will be more often chosen. The tourism cities will embrace more high speed railways than ever. Travelling by train is now becoming the main method of travelers rather than planes and coaches.  
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