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Four Girls Mountain - the Most Gorgeous Scenery in Western Sichuan

Located in the junction of Xiaojin County in the Aba Autonomous Prefecture and Wenchuan County of southwest China's Sichuan Province, the Four Girls Mountain is renowned for its unspoiled natural beauty, and has been recognized as 'the Alps of the Orient'. On the flank of Wolong Nature Reserve, and 220 kilometers away from Chengdu city, the Four Girls Mountain covers an area of 450 square meters. It is said to be transformed from four innocent and pure girls, according to local Tibetans' legends.

Frequently visited destinations at the Four Girls Mountain are three gorges, Changping Gorge, Shuangqiao Gorge and Haizi Gorge. Depths varied, gorges are found with fantastic scenery varying from vast grassland and abundant plants growing along the snaking tranquil creek. Modern glaciers and upright biological species vie for the beauty of nature, while numerous ores and mines form an impressive landscape to draw visitors from home and abroad.

Just like a fairyland, the Four Girls Mountain connects forests, lakes, gorges, and lots of unexpected natural sceneries. The journey to the Four Girls Mountain will be pleasantly joined by fragrant flowers, warbling birds, ancient cypress forests, as well as murmuring streams and rushing waterfalls, driving your mind far away to dark paths in ancient times.

The Four Girls Mountain area is the main living community of Jiarong Tibetans, who live mainly on farming and has a history dating back hundreds of years.

The highest peak of the Four Girls Mountain is Sifeng, 6,250 meters high, while the lowest is Dafeng, 5,355 meters high. Most tourists can climb to the top of Dafeng, but Sifeng is seldom conquered even by professionals, because of the high altitude as well as changeable weather.

Apart from climbing, tours to the Four Girls Mountain include hiking, passing through, ice climbing, and camping. The tour requires a good physical condition and a good sense of direction, so a good guide is strongly needed.

Address: Rilong Township, Xiaojin County, Aba Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province

Best time to visit: June is spring at the Four Girls Mountains, September and October are the autumn months there.

Price: April - November: Shuangqiao Gorge: 80 Yuan (12 dollars), Changping Gorge: 70 Yuan (10.5 dollars), Haizi Gorge: 60 Yuan (9 dollars).

December - March: Shuangqiao Gorge: 50 Yuan (7.5 dollars), Changping Gorge: 50 Yuan (7.5 dollars), Haizi Gorge: 40 Yuan (6 dollars).


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