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Guangzhou aims to become a tourism city by 2020


Guangzhou, the provincial capital of Guangdong in southern China has been planning to make the city to become an internationalized tourism city. It aims that tourism industry's revenue will break through 100 billion Yuan (14.6 billion US Dollars) and 200 billion Yuan (29.2 billion US Dollars) by the years 2012 and 2020 respectively. 

Today, Guangzhou is ranked third in China's tourism economic index with 83.8 billion Yuan in tourism revenue last year. In order to make greater development in local travel industry, the city government will build a brand system that produces influential tourism products, foster tourism enterprises with high competitiveness and do more in improving Guangzhou's infrastructure.

Guangzhou's residents like travel a lot, but they would also like to attract more inbound tourists, make the "Flower City" more prosperous. Zhang Guangning, mayor of Guangzhou, said that the city has already had the tourism hardware meeting travel requirements. Now the crucial factor for improvement is to change the old business ideas. Sales and marketing are so essential for Guangzhou. Grasping the business opportunities in next year's Asian Games that holds in Guangzhou and making use the city's 2,000 years history altogether will be crucial for attracting foreign travelers. 



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