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China invests to develop Kingdom of Women in Lijiang

On July 8, 2009, China's Lijiang in Yunnan Province in the southwest decided to invest 3.6 billion RMB (526.5 million US Dollars) to develop the historical Kingdom of Women, located in the center Lugu Lake (泸沽湖) Scenic Area. The developing sightseeing spot is neighboring to the north of beautiful Lugu Lake. The project is oriented to core civilization's origin in the world, destination for ecological and leisure vacations and ethnic residential area protection.

The Kingdom of Women project has a planned land area of 450 hectares, in which 175 hectares is for tourism construction and 275 hectares is lake water and area for other functions. Based on the Universal Stars and Clouds and Meadow of the Women's Kingdom as its core, forming the spiritual and visual impacts because of the Kingdom of Women's unique location, cultural history and natural scenery by properly juxtaposition of various tourist attractions, which are radiated by the pretty meadow field in the center.

Lugu Lake is located in the border area of Yunnan and Sichuan Provinces. A China's excellent scenic area, as well as Yunnan's natural reserve and tourism zone and an important passage to Shangri-La, a famous eco-tour spot in southwest China today, Lugu Lake has significant values in anthropology, sociology, ethnology and history researches. Mosuo People (摩梭人) is a rare ethnic group in the world today that still maintains matrilineal society living in Lugu Lake area.

Yunnan provincial government attaches importance to Lugu Lake development, the Lugu Lake Airport will be completed in 2012 and the project of the expressway from airport to the Kingdom of Women has begun. In recent years, Lijiang city of Yunnan Province has protected the ecological environment of Lugu Lake and the ethnic culture of Mosuo people by making efforts in battling water pollution and improving the hygiene condition in Mosuo villages.

Lugu Lake Scenic Area will become a world-class tourist attraction, and the Kingdom of Women scenic zone will be opened to international tourists in 2012.

(This news article is a translation from Chinese texts for travel reference. It does not represent the views of AbsoluteChinaTours)

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