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Most Memorable Is Hangzhou

 On September 4, a magnificent theatrical performances, Most Memorable is Hangzhou" makes the world witness the beauty of Hangzhou. This show which prepares for the G20 summit perfectly demonstrates the beauty of the West Lake. And it becomes a hot topic for people to talk about it. Now, tourists have the opportunity to experience the scene - "The Most Memorable is Hangzhou" engraved version will be staged again in the National Day holiday. The audience can watch it after buying the tickets.
The 50-minute visual Feast, Most Memorable Is Hangzhou,Even though the performance was short it did however broaden people’ horizon about China and learn more about Chinese traditional cultural and historical heritages .The name of the performance is a renowned quote excerpted from “Yi Jiangnan” by Bai Juyi, a great poet in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and one of the most famed articles and essays depicting the beautiful West Lake.
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