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Montreal-Beijing Direct Flight Launched

Air China recently announced that since Dec 27, Montreal to Beijing direct flight is officially launched. The flight will fly from Cuba to Beijing and stopover at Montreal, thus the Canadian passengers can also book the tickets from Montreal to Beijing.
In the past, there is no direct flight from Montreal to Beijing. As the second largest city in Canada, the demand for direct flight to China is emerging. This time, Air China CA880 will take visitors from Quebec to China nonstop. 
There will be three flights one week for round trips on Wednesday, Saturday and Monday. The flight departs from Montreal at 14:30 and arrives at 17:30+1(local time). The return flight from Beijing is at 13:45 and arrives at 13:40(local time) on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.
With the 72 hours transit without visa policy, Canadian passport holders can apply a three day stay without visa when transferring at Beijing to a third county or area. This will bring much convenience to passengers who want to travel to Beijing and do not have a valid Chinese visa.
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