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Black Headed Gull


    Recently, with the weather going warmer, there are a large number of black headed gulls stopping in the lakes and wetlands in Ningxia Yinchuan . The second Black Headed Gull Culture Festival in Yange Lake has offically opened, attracting many citizens to visit. During the festival, there are a series of activities, like reading the classical articles accompanied with the gulls, painting competition with the theme of “a story between black headed gulls and I” and recreational performances.
    Since 2010, with the improvement of ecological environment in Xinqin, black headed gulls will stop in the Yange Lake annually during their migration for about a mouth. From the original number of dozens gulls to the thousands of gulls, these gulls have enrich the quantity of the water birds in Xinqin. The government in Yinchuan have put forward the "blue sky, sunny Yinchuan” ecological project construction to have a further restoration and protection of the lake and wetland in Yinchuan City. Therefore, the lake and wetland can provide a good habitat for gulls’ living.


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