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Travel through Guangzhou during the Asian Games

The ongoing Guangzhou Asian Games has brought plenty of reasons to visit this thriving city with abundant energy this winter. Meanwhile, the Guangzhou Tourism Bureau is promoting dozens of new routes and products in an effort to drive the city's tourism to a higher level. We will introduce five popular routes throughout Guangzhou for you to get a glimpse of the bustling south China host city. 


1. Yitai Plaza – the Five Ram Stone Statue – Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall – Chenjiaci Temple – Pearl River (Zhujiang River) new city – new TV tower – Guangzhou Opera House – Haixinsha Residential Plaza – Beijing Road walking street – night tour along the Pearl River

This route highlights the 2,000-year history and culture of Guangzhou, while showcasing a fusion of Chinese and western gourmet, as well as the passion for colorful night life.

2. Yitai Plaza – Ershadao Island (Guangdong Arts Museum, Xinghai Music Hall) – Haixinsha Plaza – new TV tower – International Beer Museum – Pazhou International Convention Center – University Village – Changlong International Circus

This route helps you learn and understand the essence of Lingnan culture, which refers to the culture of Guangdong and the nearby provinces in southeastern China. Visitors can appreciate several tops in Guangzhou, the best music hall, the highest tower in the world -- Guangzhou new TV tower, and the biggest professional circus performance – Changlong International Circus. 

3. Yitai Plaza – Guangzhou Stadium – Baiyunshan Yunxi Ecological Park – University Village Sports Center – Guangdong Science Center – Guangzhou Asian Games Village (Asian Games villages, complex stadium, media villages, etc.)

The hosting of the Asian Games offers Guangzhou an opportunity to build and renovate advanced sports stadiums, both the conception and design of which illustrates a distinct Lingnan cultural flavor.

4. Yitai Plaza – Yuexiu Park Ram Stone Statue – Zhenhai Building – Nanyuewang Museum – WuXian Shrine – Guangxiao Temple – Antique Street (Liwan Museum) –Shangxia Jiulu commercial walking street

Historic sites, former residences of celebrities, unique architecture culture, and traditional folk culture will all be captured in this route.

5. Board at Tianzi Dock – Sun Yat-sen Generalissimo Mansion – Nanhai Shrine –Whampoa Military Academy – Pazhou Convention Center – International Beer Museum – Disembark at Tianzi Dock – Beijing Road Walking Street

This route allows visitors to admire the charming scenery on both sides of the Pearl River while taking a ride on it, as well as exploring the ancient sites of the Silk Road on the sea.


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