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Venice of Shanghai-Zhujiajiao

There are a lot of ancient towns around South Yangtze River Delta, famous ones like Zhouzhuang, Xitang, Wuzhen are all a little far from Shanghai. Recently, a small ancient water town named Zhujiajiao appeared to visitors’ eyes. This water town is located at the suburb of Shanghai and it is still quiet and original.
Zhujiajiao does not cover a large area and the atmosphere has not been too commercial. There are typical Shanghai style snacks. With a fame of “Venice of Shanghai” and “Suburb Hollywood of Shanghai”, Zhujiajiao enjoys natural convenience of transportation. Altogether there are 36 ancient stone bridges within the water town. Nine streets were built along the river. The architecture are all decorated with Ming and Qing Dynasty styles. The most important thing is, it is all free to public.
Same as Xitang or Wuzhen, the water town is formed with pavilions, halls, pagodas. Local people still live in their own houses. The environment seems harmonious and relaxing. The already developed scenic areas include Botanical Garden, City God Temple, Buddha Hall, North Street, Qing Dynasty Post Office and so on.
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