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Beijing City Takes the Lead to Implement Departure Tax Refund Policy

For comprehensive implementation of Opinions about Promoting Reform and Development of Tourism to better the construction of international first-class tourist city and enhance competitiveness and attractiveness of Beijing as an international tourist destination, Beijing City takes the lead to implement departure tax refund policy to foreign tourists from Jul.1, 2015.

Departure tax refund policy is not only an international rule but also an important means of attracting foreign tourists for developed countries and cities. At present, departure tax refund system has been built in more than 50 countries and regions like America, European Union, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan. The implementation of departure tax refund policy will vigorously promote Beijing as a competitive and attractive international tourist destination.

Beijing now has 86 shopping departure tax refund stores which cover mostly big backbone enterprises and tourism souvenirs businesses. Tax refund places have been set in T2 and T3 terminals in Beijing Capital International Airport. Overseas travelers who buy 500 CNY at least tax refund commodities in the same shop on the day can apply for refund. Tax refund rate is 11%.
July 2, 2015
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